Why chose aomway commander fpv video glasses

Aomway commander fpv video glasses provide an immersive experience being packed full of features that bring image to a new level and offer a variety of options for video watching. The device is suitable not only for watching TV channels but also for fpv races and drone piloting. If you want to know closer these goggles, check out the review below.

Comfort and fit

Well, before diving into technical features, we would like to talk a bit about the comfort and fit of these glasses. No matter how excellently the goggles perform technically, the user cannot enjoy them if they provide discomfort and pain when wearing them. This is why, any fpv headset should offer comfort, in the first place, ensuring a pleasant feel even after a long wear. Speaking of Aomway Commander, the headset is conveniently padded with foam from the inside to ensure a smooth touch and remove discomfort and marks around the eyes that may appear after hours of use. Its ergonomical design provides a perfect fit on your face and prevents leaks that can make the experience less immersive.

The set has also an adjustable strap that gives users the chance to loosen it in case of much discomfort and tighten it when the headset slip off. Additionally, the goggles have an anti-fog ventilation mechanism that ensures you get a perfect clarity and don’t have to remove the set again and again to clear the foggy glass.

Technical features

When it comes to tech aspects, the first thing that is worth mentioning is the high quality of the image. The glasses have a resolution of 854-450 pixels which provides a crystal clear view no matter are you watching a movie at home or flying a drone outside. The headset also supports HDMI to help connect to other devices and import captivating footages. Moreover, a DVR system is built in to allow you record and store videos from a TV show or from a fpv race and then rewatch them. There is also a special slot for 32GB memory card where you can store all your favorite videos, then upload on your computer.

Above all, the set allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast to your liking. If you are participating in a fpv race and it is too sunny, you can enter the settings and lower the brightness level to ensure that your eyes don’t get tired and the provided clarity allows you to see the track in detail and get a better control of your drone or rc car. Speaking of control, the goggles are equipped with two antennas that make up the strong-signal receiver that establishes the connection between the headset and the aircraft.

The transmitter is capable of sending and receiving radio signals from a great distance, while fighting interference and ensuring a high-speed transfer of data. It is important to mention that the distance does not influence the speed the image reaches your display. Even if your aircraft is really far from you, you will still receive visual data fast, avoiding video delays and distorted image.

Are Aomway commander fpv video glasses worth giving a try?

Well, there are a lot of advantages of using such a viewing set. First of all, it provides an immersive experience in watching videos, allowing you to detach from reality. You can watch a movie and catapult in the middle of action, or participate in a fpv race and get the feeling that you control the drone from its cockpit. The immersive viewing experience makes movies and shows more captivating, offering you an explosion of emotions that you would hardly receive from watching videos without fpv goggles.

In racing, Aomway Commander helps you get a better control of the track and drone, making you feel like piloting the device from its cockpit, which helps take decisions faster and notice obstacles earlier than if using a goggle-free way of piloting. This fpv headset allows you also to capture impressive aerial views, exploring the world from heights like a bird. So if you wonder whether this headset is worth giving a try, it definitely does. Besides advanced technical features, you get a comfortable wear that allows you to enjoy videos hours in a row.

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