Why betafpv beta75x is so popular among drone enthusiasts

Betafpv beta75x is a popular choice among all drone enthusiasts, especially beginners who don’t have enough skills in piloting a rc aircraft. The whoop drone is compact, easy to maneuver and has everything necessary to help an amateur become a racing pro. Let’s delve into the subject and analyse the most important aspects of this tiny machine.

Whoop drone vs traditional quadcopter

For people who are new to drone community, the term “whoop” might sound unfamiliar. Well, a whoop drone doesn’t differ much from a traditional copter. The operation features are identical. The only difference is the size. A whoop drone is a micro drone that you can easily hold in your palm. Generally, this type of rc aircraft is even more versatile than a big copter. While big copters can fly only outside, a whoop quad is good both at soaring in the sky and flying in a small room. So it can be either a toy for kids or a tool for a photography enthusiast who enjoys taking aerial shots.

Speaking of camera, it is not as good as a professional drone one. A bulky camera that provides a crystal clear image would be a burden for the tiny drone, making the take off hard and reducing the speed significantly. This is why, beta75x is equipped with a micro camera that captures quiet decent shots and records footages at 60 fps. This is fairly enough for an amateur photographer who takes shots for own use.

Props out rotation

A thing you will find in this micro drone is the props out feature. If you wonder what is it about, well, generally copters use the props-in feature where propellers are spinning inside towards the head of the drone. When it comes to props out, the blades are spinning to the outside. Now, why whoop drones prefer props out rotation? There are many reasons for doing so. First of all, the props out rotation reduces turbulence, as the thrust center is concentrated inwards. While the weight of big copters, using props in rotation, allow them to suppress turbulence, the extremely light micro copters are easy prey to thrust power. This is why, a props out spin would be a better option for them.

Also, the counter-clockwise rotation of the blades keeps mud and dirt away, avoiding it accumulate on the vital elements of the drone, and reducing the cleaning time. If the drone runs into a tree, the leaves will not get sucked by propellers, but rather thrown out. This helps you avoid wasting your time on removing the leaves and debris which is a meticulous and boring task. Also, this feature comes in handy to those who play with the drone in the house. If the drone crushes into a wall, it will bounce immediately off, reducing damage and allowing you to use it again and again after each crash. This makes Betafpv beta75x a perfect aircraft for training. So if you are fpv beginner, you can get a whoop drone and train your skills through tens of crashes.

If speaking of drawbacks of props out spin, it reduces the aerodynamics, increasing the air resistance of the drone. Luckily, weighing like a feather and having powerful motors helps beta75x advance through the air resistance at ease, developing a decent speed. After all, you can change the rotation direction if you want to benefit from better aerodynamics and increased speed.

Download configuration tools

Before launching the drone in the air, make sure to configure it. You will have to download Beta Flight Configurator on your smart device and adjust a variety of flight features including: take off power, propeller rotation direction, motor intensity, camera features and so on.

Is it worth buying Betafpv beta75x?

Having a perfect weight-power ratio and being easy to configure, beta75x definitely deserves a try. Whether it’s training, kids entertainment or photography, the drone does its job flawlessly. You can order it on horursc.com that has an amazing collection of rc planes, radio controls, receivers and other accessories indispensable for a drone pro. The website is operated by Frsky which is famous for its fabulous receivers, transmitters, controls and other radio stuff that makes the flight smooth and more captivating.

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