Why Bees Matter so Much to Humans

Bees are commonly recognized as a very inveteresing animal thatdoes help in a lot of thing in the nature, however, from the human point this is not something so visible at least for industrial procedures that require spaces where bees are located (a bad behavior if we analyze it, the destruction of the ecosystem is not the solution) and if we compare it to the fact that only in the US more than 30% of bees population are getting deceased or destroyed which are not good numbers at all because bees are one of the most important things in our lives and in this article you will understand why is this a thing, stay tuned.

Why Bees Matter so Much to Humans:

Reason #1: They Contribute to the Ecosystem.

Humans are not the only ones that receives benefits from bees but also other ecosystems are helped by little bees, the way it works is kind of simple, bees heklps plants to reproduce thought the pollination procedure which increases the value of the plant in health and natural point of view since that plant will count with better nutrition, vitamins and other things that will make sure that the results are pretty satisfactory not only for those plants but also for the animals that get feed by the users of the pollination such as birds or insects, if we lose bees a lot of these animals will start starving due to not getting any food in their plants, an entire food chain will get destroyed in no time without bees.

Our ecosystem depends a lot in plants, and we have to remember that bees are more than enough to help the 80% of the p[lants of the world trough pollination, which in general numbers means that without them, the world will lose a lot of beautiful plants and also seeds or nutrients that will be helpful for squirrel,s birds or inscets like it was described before.

Reason #2: Honey gives Health Benefits.

Now we get to talk more about our daily routines in which some of us decides to use honey for multiple purposes through our days, it could be used for recipes to make cakes, cookies and other things that are required in mouthwatering dishes, it can be used to create some drinks that will boost our body functionality by taking advantage of the different nutrients that honey has in its chemical composition, but why do we do this? As a little spoiler is not because honey tastes good (which is an important point for a lot of individuals) But things are rounding to other point.

In fact, honey is a very recommended topping in multiple foods or any desserts that will help a lot in the flavor of the determined dish, but also, it contains some of the most important vitamins and nutrients that our body requires to stay healthy as ever, this can be easily recognized thanks to the pollination procedure, plants gets very benefited with the same health benefits that our body will receive, such as tasteful and healthy addition yt our kitchens.

Reason #3: Bees are Important in the Climate Change Situation.

Plants are one of the engines of our world since they are capable of producing multiple things like oxygen that is required to the individuals to live and breathe fresh air, however, with the pass of the year our world is being affected by a severe climate change that is driving the temperature to a very dangerous levels which will be difficult to adapt if we don’t make any change right now. Bees counts with a great impacting this situation for the first point that was explained in his article, they are capable of maintaining a lot of plants healthy as ever, and without bees, plants will fall due to the lack of pollination, without pollination bad things will happen nd there is no other way of receiving this procedure without bees, so we need to take action, bees MUST survive.

The way in which everyone can help bees is very simple, but it will not work if only hundreds of individuals due it, first of all, you need to plant a bee-friendly plant in your garden, this will boost a lot fo things, first of all, you will caught the attention of the bees that are around your location and also some birds and other animals will be visiting your garden every day to receive the food or nutrients that are left after pollination in the plant, so this will be more than enough to help either plants, bees and humans, do your best!

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