Who is The Malta Gaming Authority

If you are already signed up to any reputable online casino, the chances are such that you’ve seen on their website something like “licensed and legally allowed to operate by the MGA”. Perhaps you were not too keen and didn’t mind about what the MGA is; after all, that’s not the reason you visited the site. But did you know how useful that information you always assume is? Well, continue reading to find out more.The MGA or Malta Gaming Authority is one of the most reputable licensing bodies that specifically focus on regulating gaming activities. The primary mission of the MGA is to lay down standards that online betting companies must follow to be legalized in the gambling industry. Generally, it is a non-profit body that’s tasked to issue licenses to gambling companies that adhere to its standards strictly.

While some states have their own gambling licensing companies (for example, the UK has the UKGC) most other nations depend on the MGA to oversee their gambling activities and thus protect the interest of gamblers. The MGA focuses on three broad aspects. These are;

– Gamblers safety

– Licensing of gambling companies and

– Regulating the gambling business.

Top Roles of the Malta Gaming Authority

Below are some of the things that the MGA does

1. Gambler Protection

The first role of the MGA is also the most important – protecting your gaming interests. The MGA regulates online betting companies to make sure that they comply with the data protection act. They want to give you a guarantee that you sensitive as well as financial data is safe, and that’s it’s not exposed to unsafe hands.

To offer you maximum protection, the MGA confirms whether the gambling company in question is capable of keeping cyber-attacks at bay. Only those companies that have such capabilities get licensed.

2. Promote Fair Gaming

The MGA want gamblers to enjoy their gaming activities in a transparent and fair environment. They understand that, without their supervision, casino providers or the casino machines can alter the results causing you to lose money. This is something you’d never want to imagine of and will assuredly never happen thanks to the Malta Gaming Authority.

For you to have a guarantee that you are gaming in a safe, fair and transparent environment, you should ensure that your casino is fully licensed by the MGA.

3. Enhancing Operator Accountability

Yet another role of the MGA is to promote operator accountability. Every gaming company is held accountable for its actions – illegal or irresponsible actions are always punished. If the MGA did not step in, you’d be living at the mercy of your casino operator.

Operator accountability gives gamblers the power to report online casino operators whenever they feel that the operator has breached the agreed terms and conditions.


As you may have noted from this post, the MGA is an essential body in the gambling industry. It’s meant to safeguard the interests of gamblers by overseeing the activities of online gaming companies. It ensures these companies act as per the accepted standards. You can thus gamble with confident as long as you are sure that your casino is fully licensed by the MGA. Always check this first!

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