Which are the best affordable drones Philippines

While taking shots from great heights was a luxury in the Philippines in the past, now it’s available for everybody who can now access the list of best affordable drone Philippines and choose the cheap aircraft that they like most. If you are new to piloting rc vehicles, we’ve selected for you a bunch of easy to use drones that are popular among amateurs and are ready to help bring your drone flying skills to a new level, preparing you for bigger vehicles, greater heights and more captivating views.


This model is made by the Chinese industry leader SYMA that offers a wide range of small drones for children and training purpose. X5 HV has 4 agile propellers that make it highly maneuverable which is also possible due to the light weight of the vehicle that allows it accelerate fast and develop an incredible speed for mini drones. The device has a battery that charges 90 minutes and allows for a flight time of 7 minutes. The drone costs 1,599 pesos, and it can be used for both training and shooting, being equipped with a decent camera.


This is an updated version of X5HV. It has an extended flight time of 10 minutes, being packed with a more powerful battery that needs though more time to fully charge. The camera provides a clear footage, but not as good as to be used by professional photographers and filmmakers for providing a crystal clear image with an acute sensitivity to details. This drawback is compensated by the versatility of the drone’s structure, as it allows you to replace the average camera with a next generation Go Pro.

Another aspect that improves the quality of the image is the gimbal that stabilizes the camera removing shaking. The drone’s price is 5,600 pesos in the Philippines, being a perfect option for those who have mastered the piloting skills and are ready to move to something bigger.

3. DJI Tello Drone

You will never get bad quality with DJI. This Chinese drone giant provides the world with the most fabulous radio-controlled aicrafts that are packed full of cutting-edge features that turn drone flying into an unforgettable experience. Tello is an agile mini drone with a dramatically sensitive maneuverability and a top speed of 15 km/h. It can fly 100 meters away from the control point, while providing real-time footage at 720p. Whether you are performing crazy stunts or just can’t control well the vehicle yet, it couldn’t affect the quality of the image due to the stabilizer that prevents camera from shaking. The price of Tello Drone is 6000 pesos.

4. Xioami Funsnap Idol

Another drone you can buy in the Philippines at an affordable price is Funsnap Idol. It is well balanced in terms of usage, performance and price, being a perfect choice for both amateurs and professionals. The drone has maximum control range of 100 meters and can reach the speed of 18 km/h. It is not the fastest drone you can find on the market, but you get instead a HD camera and a Follow-me feature that allows you to track persons and objects keeping them the center of camera’s attention throughout the flight.

With a flight time of 12 minutes, Funsnap Idol is a great choice for wedding shootings, commercial shootings, short films and research flights. You have to pay 10,990 pesos to become the happy owner of this amazing device.


Another mini drone that works wonders in the sky is Dji Spark. It is considered a great toy for children, a training tool for beginners and a professional equipment for photographers and film makers. It can be used by everybody, being a combination of advanced technology and easy usage. It can fly at up to 50 km/h and soar in the air 15 minutes, giving the chance to capture memorable footages with a 12 MP camera. The price of this drone is about 45,000 pesos.

To conclude, if you are a Philippines resident or a tourist, there is a great choice of affordable drones you can purchase and explore the sky of the Philippines. Though most of them are mini drones and have a flight time less than 15 minutes, you will still have a great time enjoying the famous sightseeings and landscapes from above.

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