What you have to know before buying a false hair wig

If you are new to wig wearing community, you are probably thinking which type of hair system fits you best: a false hair wig or a human hair wig. We know that there is much debate about which wig is better as well as lots of questions regarding each type of wig. In this article we are going to give an insight to synthetic hair, by answering the most popular questions about it, hoping that it will help you make your choice.

Is false hair wig cheaper?

If you are looking for an affordable hair replacement option, false hair is what might be your best choice. The production of synthetic fiber is cheaper than collecting human hair from donors and paying them. Moreover, while synthetic materials are always available, in case of human hair wigs, manufacturers have to wait for the needed amount of natural hair to be collected to start creating the wig. So if you are short of budget, you are recommended to buy a fake hair piece.

Is false hair durable?

Well, since synthetic fiber is cheaper, it should not come as a surprise that it has a shorter lifespan. Yes, false hair is less durable than human hair, it is more sensitive to temperature, weather and styling, so it is expected to serve you a couple of months or even less.

Does synthetic hair look natural?

Gone are those days when wig wearers were easy to spot. Now, it is almost impossible to say whether one is wearing a false hair wig or a human hair wig. The advancements in the technology of manufacturing have allowed synthetic wigs to become more naturally looking than in the past. Still, there is an thing that tells you that a person wears a synthetic wig. It is the excessive shine, which is a typical feature of false hair pieces and makes them look less appealing.

How to tackle synthetic hair shine?

If you don’t find excessive shine attractive, there are some ways to make your wig less shiny. You can apply some talc powder or baby powder. To spread the powder evenly and reduce mess, you should use a make-up brush. This method proves incredibly effective as long as you don’t apply too much powder. If you do so, the wig risks getting dull, so keep the amount of agent in reasonable limits.

Another way to remove shine is to apply fabric softener. The chemicals of the fabric softener mitigate the shine, making your wig look more natural. Still, keep in mind that synthetic hair is highly sensitive, so the more often you use the softener, the faster your wig is going to wear down.

Can I style the fake hair wig?

Fake hair is open to styling, but not as much as human hair. Being vulnerable to heat, synthetic hair is not a good friend with heat styling tools. So it is more reasonable to buy it if you are not used to change your hairstyle every day. Moreover, styling is not easy with synthetic hair, because it tends to preserve its factory shape and style, so making changes requires more time and efforts.

How often should I maintain a false hair wig?

Another upside of a fake hair piece is that it requires little maintenance. Whether you are walking in rain, dancing, or sleep with the wig on, the hair will not get tangled, curled or change its shape, as it has the amazing feature of returning automatically to its factory style. Also, it doesn’t accumulate dandruff and it is hardly likely to become oily as human hair does if not washed regularly. Still, you will need to wash your synthetic wig often, if you live in a polluted environment, as car emmisions and dust may reach to your wig and make it dry and dull.

All in all, synthetic wigs are a perfect option for those who look for a hair system on a budget. It is cheap and easy to maintain while its natural look can easily compete with the authenticity of a human hair wig. Regardless of its benefits, synthetic hair has also some drawbacks, including: short lifespan, reduced resistance to heat and excessive shine.

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