What is the pocket selfie drone price in pakistan

Those who look for pocket selfie drone price in Pakistan should know that there are bans on flying drone in some regions of Pakistan. The regulations are a bit tougher than in other parts of the world. Still, there are places where flying drone is allowed and you can grab your pocket drone any time and take shots. If you don’t have a drone yet, you can check out the price list below for portable selfie drones in Pakistan.

1. JY018

This tiny pocket selfie drone allows you take amazing shots and explore the world with flights that last 7 minute. The drone is small and agile making it incredibly maneuverable and matching any enthusiast who loves flying rd planes for fun or capturing bird’s eye views. The 6-axis gimbal stabilizes the drone, making it less vulnerable to wind and improving the image. Aside from flying at great heights, JY018 can be also used for taking selfies.

The altitude hold mode allows you to make it hover some feet above the ground and capture HD selfies without having to hold the phone with your hand. In this way, you have more freedom in choosing your selfie pose. The price of this drone ranges from 10,000 to 13,000 RPK on online stores in Pakistan. If you have enough luck to stumble upon some discounts, you can even get it for 8,000 RPK.

2. JJRC Mini H37

JJRC is a Chinese fast-growing supplier of mini drones, professional racing drones and radio-controlled toys. Mini H37 is a pocket drone that folds, becoming the size of a smartphone. It has a high-quality camera that provides footages at 720p. If you want to take a selfie you can select the Altitude Hold mode which will make the drone hover in one place without changing height. The controls are easy, including just the sticks for controlling the direction and the buttons for taking off and landing.

You can activate other features like altitude hold, 3D image, gravitation control and headless mode in the device’s app, where you also can see the real-time footage from the drone’s camera transmitted to your phone screen. The copter is a perfect option for people who want to buy a drone on a budget, costing just 4,200 RPK.

3. DJI Mavic Mini Combo

If you are looking for something more sophisticated and fancy and your budget is big, you can choose DJi Mavic Mini Combo. This tiny engineering masterpiece from the Chinese worldwide leader is packed full of amazing features that make your photography experience memorable. First of all, you get the chance to take selfies by making the drone hover in front of you and snap a picture when you are ready. Strangely enough there will be no snap sound heard because the drone needs no button push to take a picture. All it needs is your hand gesture that the smart system recognizes and turns into action.

Another feature built in Mavic Mini Combo is ActiveTrack, which identifies moving objects and follows them while taking footage. You can also send the drone in a certain point on the sky and let it record from there. You just need to take a photo of the surroundings from the ground, upload it on the drone app, and choose the point where you want to send the aircraft.

When it comes to flight features, the drone has a gimbal that adds stability to the camera making it less sensitive to shaking caused by intense motor activity, wind or sudden turning.

Speaking of price, it differs from shop to shop, but in all cases you need to be ready to meet a high price that hardly goes below 90,000 RPK. The average price is 93,000 RPK. It may seem expensive for someone, but knowing that the drone has a lot of intelligent features makes it a good investment.

To sum up, you can find pocket selfie drones in Pakistan at different prices. There are cheaper aircrafts, such as: JY018 and JJRC Mini H37 that have decent cameras, stabilizing gimbals and some smart features, like Altitude Hold that helps you take amazing selfies without putting any effort. If speaking of more sophisticated pocket drones, you can opt for Mavic Mini Combo from the famous brand DJI. It is quiet expensive but the price is justified by many smart features that make the flight smooth and improve the quality of footage.

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