What Is the Best Place to Fly Fish in Spirit River, Alberta?

Spirit River Fly Fishing certainly sounds like an amazing place to go fishing, especially with the raging rivers, high peaks, and vast forests that surround the small town in Alberta, Canada. The small town isn’t well-known, only taking up 1.2 square miles with a population of about a thousand residents. The tight-knit community brings in a lot of hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to the number of lakes, ponds, and creeks that surround the town, providing plenty of small fishing spots.

Spirit River is on the northern end of Alberta, so fly fishing is most popular in the summer and spring days, or in the early fall when the dense snowfalls won’t cause any danger. Throughout the region, fishermen can find an amount of different fish to catch, including rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout. You’ll even be lucky to find some rarities, including pike, walleye, and goldeye out on your trip. Alberta is the only providence that has golden trout populations, which is why Spirit River is such a nice spot to visit on your fishing trip.

Although you’ll find plenty of spots in Spirit River, the town is also a popular spot thanks to its easy access to other places around the town. Not too far north sits the infamous Peace River, a raging river that descends from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, spanning over 1,000 miles across Alberta. Fly Fishing along the Peace River will be an amazing trip for anyone visiting, getting a chance to snare goldeye, mountain whitefish, northern pike, burbot, and even arctic grayling. The river is also amazing in for its variety of water conditions, such as its high and fast appearance is present during the spring, when water from the snow runs off the mountains. The waters become calmer though after July when you can enjoy the warmth of the sun while fly fishing but you’ll still want to bring a secure and comfortable belt, such as the Tan Embroided Trout Fish Belt.

Looking for some other fly fishing spots around Spirit River? The next place to stop would be Smokey River, southeast of Spirit River. The river itself is a much more peaceful option to fish at, providing calm waters and lots of bends to fly fish successfully at. Not only is fly fishing popular here, but so is spinning, trolling, casting, and baitcasting. Regardless of the type of fishing you want to enjoy here, you’ll find some great species of fish like Northern Pike, Salmon, Sauger, Trout, and Walleye. Some of the best times to fish along this river are early in the morning, so make sure to being some Outdoor Breathable Wading Pants, so you can move easily and stay warm against the cool Canadian waters.

Spirit River is such a great place for fly fishing, due to its in-town places to catch some great fish, but also the accessibility the town provides to experience some amazing fly fishing spots around the area. No matter where you decide to go, you’ll be sure to get some great catches!

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