What is Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process which is used to produce most of the plastic parts and products we see in the market. However, injection molding can be used with other materials as well including metals, glasses, thermosetting polymers, and thermoplastic, and more. The process involves feeding the material into an injection molding machine where it is heated and melted. Then, it is injected at high pressure into the mold cavity, which has the shape and design of the final product. After the molding material is cooled down and hardened, the mold is opened and the product is taken out. The process is very fast and products in huge quantities can be produced in a very short time as there can be multiple molds which are fed at once. And in one mold cycle, hundreds of products can be manufactured. It’s a lost-cost, high-volume manufacturing process that ensures efficiency in the process and high-quality in product finish.

How does Plastic Injection Molding Work?

Injection molding is a process that involves injecting molten plastic into metal mold cavities. The injection of the material is performed at a high pressure so that the molten material covers the mold cavity fully and evenly. After this, the mold tool is cooled to harden the material and get the final product out of the mold. Finally, the mold tool is opened to take the molding out. The process involves multiple stages. Products obtained through this process go for inspection or secondary production process.

The first stage is when the material granules are fed into the heated barrel where it is melted through friction, heating, and shear force. Then, it is sent to the rotating screw. The cavity and its design inside the injection mold tool give the final products their design and shape. There are a number of tools used in the process of injection molding such as Boss that lets in material inside the cavity, and Cavity that gives its product its shape. Mold cycle is the time it takes from feeding a material into the injection molding to the ejection of the ready product. Though there are multiple stages, modern injection molding performs all the stages through an automated mechanism.

What are Plastic Injection Molding Advantages?

Injection molding is a cost effective way to produce high-quality identical plastic products in large quantities. It has several advantages such as:

Fast & efficient

Injection molding is a fast and efficient process to produce a large number of parts or products per hour. Size and complexity of mold determine the actual time taken per cycle of production.

Low cost

As the injection molding process is highly automated, the production is largely human-free. It’s the machines and robotics that perform most of the task. A single operator can manage and control the entire production process. Less workers means lower production cost.

Design flexibility

Injection molding is performed at high pressure. This ensures all the design elements on the mold’ surface are printed with high accuracy. In other words, intricate shapes and designs are easily manufactured in the injection molding process.

High output

Injection molding process makes it possible to produce parts and products in large quantities in a short time. Since all the parts are identical, many units of identical molds can be used to produce large quantities of product.

More material choices

There is a large range of materials that can be used in injection molding. There are many types of polymer resins and plastic materials that can be used simultaneously in this process.

Prototype Important in Plastic Injection Molding

XXX provides injection molding prototyping services. In all kinds of mass production, prototyping is an important and essential feature. It gives an accurate idea about the design, its shortcomings, and how the final product is going to look and feel. We understand prototyping helps manufacturers see the merits and flaws of a design before going for large scale production. That’s why we offer high-quality and cost-effective prototyping services to our customers. A prototype can be easily created through the injection molding process and this can be further fine-tuned as per the need. We offer a complete range of injection molding prototyping solutions.

Plastic Injection Molding in China

XXX is based in China and it offers high-quality plastic injection molding services to its customers. When it comes to manufacturing plastic products on a large scale, injection molding is the go-to technology. We are one of the best and most cost-effective plastic injection molding service providers in the country. No matter what your needs are, as long as it is related to plastic injection molding, you can count on us to give you the best services possible. We offer the full range of plastic molding services and this includes creating the mold and doing the actual production on our customers’ behalf.

Plastic CNC machining vs injection molding

CNC is a computer controlled design making and cutting solution for hobbyists and industries. Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which a complete part is manufactured through molding. While CNC machining can take a long time to create just one part, injection molding can produce thousands of parts at the same time. CNC machining is unlikely to be of any use where injection molding is required. CNC machines are used for cutting a surface into a 3 dimensional design. In contrast, injection molding uses molten plastic to give shape to a part whose design could be complex to intricate.

However CNC machining can be used to complement injection molding in a production process.

Why choose us?

XXX is a leading injection molding service provider based in China. We provide high quality injection molding solutions that meet the needs of the industry. Our services cater to all segments of users. You can approach us with any kind of plastic injection molding job, and we would be happy to help you. Our services range from understanding your needs and creating a manufacturing plan. Making molds and sometimes multiples molds is part of your usual job. This is followed up by actual manufacturing in which we produce actual parts as per your specifications.

XXX believes in delivering modern and high-tech plastic injection molding services solutions. So you can find completely automated injection molding systems at your workshop. These machines integrate all relevant and advanced technologies to make our services and production processes not only flawless but also fast paced. For more details and specifications, you should check our website.

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