What is Fine Dining

Fine dining is generally the experience that one gets from eating at specific restaurants and these restaurants are usually described as being more sophisticated, expensive and unique compared to the others that are available in the market. To be able to better paint a picture of how things work in a fine dining restaurant, it’s best to start with some of the common characteristics that these restaurants have and that actually set them apart from all the other types of restaurants. For starters, restaurants that offer a fine dining experience are expected to be more expensive than your traditional restaurant; in addition to this, when going to restaurants with this kind of experience it should already be expected that one will be able to experience multiple courses included in a single meal. Meals in fine dining experiences are usually either a la carte or based on a fixed price; when a menu is a la carte it means that each food item can be paid for individually, but the fixed price ones are usually a set of food items that have already been pre-selected by the chef. Lastly, a lot of people usually achieve the fine dining experience during holidays or during special occasions such as anniversary and birthday celebrations.

Because fine dining restaurants are not like your ordinary restaurants, it is not that surprising to find out that they have created some rules that customers need to comply to so that the appropriate atmosphere can be achieved. And it also goes without saying that these fine dining restaurants are definitely stricter and more rigid regarding their rules. But in the same way that there are rules for customers, these restaurants also establish various rules for their servers since a certain level of standard should definitely be maintained at all times. Fine dining restaurants go for service crews that are able to provide knowledge, elegance, and an unforgettable experience to all their customers.

The Experience

Upon entering a fine dining experience, the difference with other restaurants can already be seen through the setup of the tables; it can be immediately seen that the silverware and flatware are already arranged on the table. This can seem intimidating for beginners because it can be seen that there are several sets laid out on the table; the best guide to be able to go through all the silverware is to start from the outside and go in as one moves on to the different courses. Aside from the silverware, it can also be noticed that the tablecloth is always clean and spotless, and that all of the cutlery, napkins, and plates are removed from tables where no one is sitting. Lastly, it’s also very apparent that when one enters a fine dining restaurant, they will be warmly greeted by the servers to immediately set the mood for the people who will eat.

During meals, it can also be noticed that servers never touch glasses and silverware are only held through the base area to avoid leaving fingerprint marks on them. In addition, it can also be seen that servers never reach over across the table when interacting or serving a guest; the best practice for servers is to always make contact with the guests from the closest point possible. This is why when guests call the attention of the servers, they always move beside the guests to ask what they need help with, and never in front or across. During meals it can also be observed that it is also a practice in fine dining restaurants for the servers to remove used silverware and plates at the end of each course of the meal.

After the meal, the servers can be seen removing plates and silverware only after everyone in a particular table is done eating the current course that was served. It’s actually quite impressing to also see how the servers clear the plates once everyone is done eating because they stack the plates one by one and in a fluid motion to prevent them from making unnecessary noises. Lastly, if a meal is not a set or fixed price, the servers also make sure to offer the dessert or drink menus before offering guests the check.


Because fine dining restaurants offer a very different experience and ambiance to their guests, they also ask some things from them; to begin with, it is recommended that when going to a fine dining restaurant, the guests will be required to be in a particular attire to be able to have the complete experience that the restaurant is offering.

Aside from the attire, guests are also always expected to behave in a certain manner to be able to affirm the overall vibe and reputation of a fine dining restaurant. For starters, all fine dining restaurants require their guests to have a certain level of civility to be able to interact properly with everyone and anyone present in a fine dining restaurant while enjoying their meal. It is also an unwritten rule for adult guests to never bring children with them because having children in restaurants raises the possibility of having more unforeseen events. In relation to not bringing children in fine dining restaurants, guests are also expected to never speak too loudly to avoid disrupting other people who are also trying to enjoy the experience that a particular restaurant is trying to give. When deciding to eat in a fine dining restaurant, guests should already expect for the meal to last for a couple of hours because of the different courses that are available. Having said this, it is never advisable to go for these fine dining experiences if there isn’t too much time to spare; it would not be polite to ask the kitchen crew to rush the process that they have to go through just to be able to compromise to someone else’s time. Lastly, it is never fine to ask for too many customizations in a food item on the menu because it should always be remembered that a several people put in a lot of work into creating these dishes just to be able to provide a particular experience to their guests, and it would be rude to change the little elements just because.

Fine dining is something that is a fun experience, but with almost everything else. it also requires a certain level of commitment from the guests to be able to fully achieve the overall feeling that a particular restaurant wants to impart with their customers.

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