What Is An Electronic Speed Controller?

Mainly the electronic speed controller (ESC) or also called “variator” is undoubtedly an essential component of a drone This great component is able to control the capacity of an electric motor. So the electronic speed controller has a very important function for any drone.

Also, very few people know what this component is for, and it is very important that you know all the details, especially if you want to buy a drone. Here we will explain in detail what an ESC is.

1. What is the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)?

As already mentioned, it is a crucial component for any device, drone or plane. In addition, the main objective of this great component is undoubtedly to correctly control the acceleration of any electric motor, and to avoid any type of damage.

Therefore, it is important for you to know that an electronic speed controller or ESC is an electronic circuit that has the ability to properly control and regulate the power of an electric motor. However, this component can also provide dynamic braking.

This type of component allows anyone to control the speed and power of an electric motor. Of course, thanks to this component it is much easier to control any drone or plane.

2. How an ESC works

What this component does and how it works in reality is quite simple and easy to explain. Mainly, it receives an input signal from the receiver that is correctly adjusted by the position of the accelerator in the transmitter.

Basically what it does is transform the input signal into a type of current that is drawn only from the battery to power the motor. The variator then works literally as an energy manager.

An ESC then follows and establishes a speed reference signal (note that speed is only derived from a throttle lever) and varies the switching speed of a field effect transistor network. Of course, the moment the ESC controls the duty cycle of an engine, the speed of the electric motor will be much more stable.

3. ESC Firmware

It should be noted that the vast majority of modern electronic speed controllers contain a unique microcontroller, that is, they have a type of “software” that is capable of interpreting the input signal and controlling the motor properly by means of a program (software/controller).

In modern ESCs the microcontroller is extremely essential, because if an electronic speed control does not have a microcontroller, it could damage the engine of a drone.

It is also important to note that it is possible to change the factory firmware of the vast majority of ESCs. If you wish, you can add an alternative firmware to your electronic speed control. Of course, it is also recommended that you change the firmware of your electronic speed controller in case the microcontroller does not work properly.

In addition, some of these components are manufactured with the ability for any user to upgrade the firmware. But there are also some ESCs on the market that are impossible to upgrade or change the version of the firmware.

4. Main advantages

This electronic component provides many advantages to any drone. Below are the main advantages of electronic speed controllers.

  • The electronic speed controller is able to properly and correctly control the electric motor of your RC car, plane or drone.
  • In addition, this component is essential for beginners and novices, because beginners usually find it very difficult to control and drive a drone or airplane.
  • You can even change or modify the firmware, this advantage is very important, because if a firmware is defective, you can easily change or modify it.
  • Most of the electronic speed controllers are waterproof, although they are a type of electronic component, some are totally waterproof.
  • In addition, this component helps to prevent the motor from being damaged, of course, this is another incredible advantage, because a motor can be easily damaged in case a drone does not have a variator.


The electronic speed controller is essential in any plane, as it has been mentioned before, thanks to this great component you can drive and control your drone without any problem. In addition, the ESC is ideal for people who want to learn how to control and drive a drone.

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