What are the main features of a 26cc RC plane engine

Many model aircrafts are equipped with a 26cc RC plane engine. This is the favorite motor among rc pilots who remark on a better flight, easier maintenance and many other positive aspects. To understand what is it in 26cc engine that makes it so popular and efficient, we invite you to take a look at its main features and advantages.

1. Provides great power with large rc aircrafts

If you are not savvy about engines and cars, you probably don’t know what 26cc stands for. Well, cc is an abbreviation for cubic centimeters and it is used to describe the volume of air and fuel that the cylinder can push at a time. Motors whose cylinder volume is 26 cc are usually used with large rc aircrafts because they are powerful enough to help the plane take off and pick up a decent height and fly at a decent speed through the wind resistance.

2. Easy starting

Another feature of such an engine is that it is easy to start. Unlike bulky and sophisticated engines, this one has a simple structure that allows for an immediate start and hassle-free operation. If speaking of radio-controlled aircrafts, this feature helps them take off fast and, in case the engine stops during the flight, it takes a second to restart it preventing a plane’s crash.

3. Reduced maintenance

Small 26cc motors are also easy to maintain. Having a modest structure, the device doesn’t cause much headache when having to repair it. Moreover, seeing this engine broken is a rare event, again, due to its non-sophisticated design. Additionally, such an engine does not need much oil for its smooth work, so you will have to buy less of it, saving money.

Aside from checking the oil level before each flight, you are recommended to undertake other regular maintenance activities to ensure that your motor lives long and doesn’t fail in the most inappropriate moment. These activities include: cleaning the air filter, inspecting the motor for leaks and checking for worn out parts, replacing them immediately.

You have to pay special attention to the maintenance of air filter, because when flying in a polluted environment, the filter may collect a large amount of dirt. If you don’t clean the filter, you risk getting insuffienct air pushed through the engine, ending up in a wrong air-fuel ratio that will damage the motor and affect the flying features of the aircraft, such as: speed, acceleration, height and take off weight. Also, we would recommend you to consider replacing the filter, not just cleaning it, in case you conduct flights daily.

4. Reliable carburetor

A 26 cc engine is generally equipped with a carburetor with a butterfly valve that is highly reliable and provides extended longevity to the engine. Such a valve has an easy design, making failure almost impossible and reducing the repair and replacement efforts.

5 Affordable

A 26cc rc plane engine is not expensive due to its simple construction and small size. This is why, replacing it is not such a hard task as replacing a car engine. Such a motor costs around $150 in stores, being an affordable option even for those who have a tight budget. Moreover, the installation of this engine is significantly easier than the installation of a bulky car engine. While not being savvy about mechanics, you will still be able to mount this motor on your aircraft if following the steps in the instruction manual or tutorial found on internet. Still, if you are afraid that something might go wrong, you may ask a professional mechanic to help.

To sum up, a 26cc engine is used mostly with large model planes providing them with sufficient power to fly and even carry additional weight. Its easy construction gives a lot of benefits, such as easy starting, low maintenance, and hassle-free replacement and repair. The motor needs some regular maintenance to ensure that it powers the aircraft using its full potential. You have to clear the air filter quiet often, especially if you fly in polluted environments, and check for leaks and worn out parts, replacing them if needed. Being simple and small, this engine is sold at an affordable price, so every time it breaks, you can avoid repairs and just buy a new one.

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