Welcome Bonuses at Land-Based Casinos

Have you ever gone to physical casino rooms to place bets on your favourite games? If you were, to be honest, you would agree with me that it’s not a wonder to find some experienced casino lovers who have never stepped a foot in the physical casino rooms. After all, why do you have to go there when you have the same casino at the palm of your hands? That’s what most individuals wonder. The truth of the matter is that land-based casinos are a great choice –the fact that you will interact with other aspiring gamblers makes them even more fantastic.

Welcome Bonuses at Land-Based Casinos

Just like the case with online casinos, land-based casinos have special welcome bonuses meant to welcome new individuals and to motivate them to place bets. The rewards are, however, rare.

Typically, you should visit your preferred land-based casino and sign up for free gambler cards. Most casinos will require you to provide your national ID, passport or driver’s license when signing up for a gambler card.

With this card (gambler’s card) you can expect to receive gifts, free slot play, invitations to important events etc. Supposing that you receive free slot play or gifts in the form of free bets, below are some of the things you can do.

– Make Real Money

Free slot play or free bets is meant not only to appreciate you for visiting the casino but also to help you make real money. With such kind of offers, you can gamble more confidently and hopefully turn the odds into your favour. This is a good idea considering that you are trying your luck without going back to your pocket. If chances favour you, you will take something home at the end of the day.

– Understand the Various Games Offered

If you receive a welcome bonus at a land-based casino, you take to your advantage and explore new games. These are the games that you haven’t tried in the past. It will be easier and more manageable to test new games using free bets given than it would if you were incurring from your pocket.

– Perfect you Land-based casino gambling skills

Whether you have been playing online or you are entirely new to casinos, land-based casino welcome bonuses can help you perfect your gambling skills. You can use the free bets awarded to do “experiments” on your gambling strategies and find out which one works for you.

– Minimize losses

Have been making negative returns and want to claim whatever you have lost? Great, land-based welcome bonuses are there to your service. In case you are awarded a free slot play, free spin or any other free bet, try and turn the odds into your favour. It’s possible to walk with the grand prize using such offers. If that happens, you will have recovered everything or part of what you have lost playing casinos.


Although land-based welcome bonuses are not so regular, they are extremely useful. The above are some of the things you do with the offers. As you have noted, they deserve your attention, so be keen with them.

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