Weirdest Food In Vietnam

Weirdest Food In Vietnam

Durian or Sau Rieng

Some people say this fruit looks like jackfruit because of its hard spikes and its size. They differ in taste and, of course, the smell.

Many people swear on this fruit’s sweet taste just don’t smell it on its way to your mouth. Besides its smelly quality, this fruit has its positives such as highly nutritious, supports the digestive system, and improves cardiovascular health.

This fruit may smell like old socks, but to others, it has its benefits.


Considered novelty food in Vietnam. They also add the snakes to wine and served during special occasions. The meat with the skin is cooked and prepared in several ways, such as sauteed, grilled, or made into soup.

The texture and taste, according to some, are just like the taste of crab meat. The meat is also used to make spring rolls, and those who have tasted it attested that it tastes just like chicken meat.

The blood of the snake is not thrown and wasted because they serve it like wine for those who have an iron stomach. They say it to be a natural form of Viagra that has many sexual benefits to men.

Fish sauce or Nuoc mam

The funky smell will surely turn off many people. You only need to pour it on your saucer, and its smell will diffuse in the area.

They made the fish sauce from fermented anchovies, salt, and water. They cure it for a certain period to make it more flavorful.

It is the favored dipping sauce in Vietnam and also the favorite flavoring for many dishes.

Vietnamese add garlic, chili, ginger, and also lemon to add a satisfying taste to their cooking.

Bun Dau Mam Tom – fermented shrimp paste noodle

One of the many popular foods in Vietnam, but for other people who are not familiar with this exotic food may say that it reeks because of the shrimp paste.

But it doesn’t matter to the people of Vietnam because of the satisfying taste of this dish.

Usually, consumers would add fried tofu, vermicelli, boiled pork, and vegetables. Others love to eat it with kumquat, which creates a sweet and sour flavor.

Best to eat with chili as it adds a variety to the flavor.

Pha Lau Bo

Considered as one of the weird food in Vietnam because this dish uses the inner organs of the cow. Those who have perfected the cooking and cleaning style of the cow organ use lemon and salt to remove the smell and bacteria from the organ. The ginger is also rubbed thoroughly to help remove the funky smell.

The organs are then cooked in milk to make a fine noodle soup. They will not remove the organs from the fire until it is tender.

Serving the dish, the cook will chop the kidney, lungs, heart, intestine, and stomach to serve it to the consumers.

This is a street food that is well-loved by the Vietnamese, most especially during the rainy season. They eat it with a dipping sauce made of fish sauce, sugar, and kumquat.


Vietnamese love this exotic food because of its flavorful taste. They usually eat it, fried, steamed, or grilled. They can eat it on its own, partnered with beer, or they can enjoy it with rice. You can dip it in lemon, salt, and pepper sauce.

Besides grilling it, boiling, or steaming, it is also cooked as a frog stew, frog porridge, or just sauteed with chili and a lot of lemongrass to make it smell incredible.

Frog meat is high in essential vitamins and minerals, not to mention that it tastes like chicken.

The frog meat when fried or grilled, develops crunchy, flavorful skin that is best eaten first.


This may be one of the weirdest food in Vietnam, yet. Good thing though that the rats they serve are those found in rice fields and those that usually eat rice paddies.

They are caught in bulk by farmers, skinned and then either grilled, steamed, deep-fried, or made into a curry dish.

They cook it with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and a lot of pepper. They cooked the rat meat until dried and cooking in its oil.

The taste, according to consumers, is likened to beef, chicken, and pork. Others agree that it tastes even better than the meat of those mentioned.

The rat meat was soft, yet chewy, and there is no funky smell but smelt like the spices used to prepare it.

Coconut Worm or Duong Dua

They usually serve the coconut worm in a bowl with fish sauce. It is still squirming in the bowl as you pick it up and place it in your mouth to taste it.

It is a specialty dish in Vietnam, where other people may find it weird to even think of eating it.

Coconut worm is best eaten when alive that when it is sauteed, as the taste will differ then.

It is also best eaten with a cold beer, just dip it in fish sauce or some even put some spritz of lemon to make it taste better.

Blood Soup

This is a traditional dish in Vietnam. The soup used to prepare this dish is mostly duck blood. They add herbs and peanuts to this dish when served.

You may find it strange, but to the Vietnamese, this is something they have learned to eat while growing up and one of their important and well-loved dish.

The blood, according to some who tried it, is a bit sweet; the texture is that of jello, but with some crunch brought about by the addition of peanuts.

Kopi Luwak

Also known as weasel coffee in Vietnam. The farmers take care of the civets; they are being fed by the farmers with coffee cherries. Soon after, the civets will poop it out, and the farmers will harvest it, clean it well, roast, and processed it after.

It is considered one of the most expensive coffees in the world, thanks to the civet’s poop. Er.

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