Weirdest Food In Malaysia

Weirdest Food in Malaysia

Bull Penis Soup

Considered to help in enhancing a male’s sexual ability in bed. Often sold on the streets of Malaysia and served with bull testicles.

They prepare this dish with various Indian spices and herbs; they fill the broth with curry and are highly spicy.

Most men love to have their fill of this soup when it’s a rainy season to warm their stomachs.

The price of this dish though may be steep for some, but for others, it doesn’t matter as long as they get to enjoy its special taste.

Frog on a Stick

This is one of Malaysia’s exotic food. Mostly sold in street stalls during the night market. The frogs are deep-fried and on sticks.

Seller prepares the frog by peeling its skin thoroughly, removing all its innards, and then marinated in a secret sauce to add to its flavor.

Usually eaten on its own with your choice of sauces that are also available as preferred.

They mostly take frogs from frog farms and sure to be clean.

Stinky Tofu

You can smell it from afar. The stinky tofu of Malaysia is one smelly dish, but it is one of Malaysia’s weird food also because of its smelly quality.

There are variations of stinky tofu to choose from and which are being offered in street stalls. The tofu is all deep-fried, served with piping hot soup, and mixed with different condiments.

Some stalls cut the tofu into small pieces before frying it, and not after. They serve it with soup, spring onions, sambal belacan, and your choice of condiments and other spices.

Fried Pig’s Brain

If you love eating meatballs or meatloaf, this food you will learn to love as well, but will probably take getting used to.

You will be able to eat it halfway before you notice it tasting different from the meatballs you were used to eating.

They mix the pig’s brain with salt, pepper, herbs and some spices. They fry it to perfection, paired with a special sauce that each seller concocted.

It is not for the picky eaters, though, but for those who are adventurous.

Porcupine Rendang

Rendang is a popular dish in Malaysia and usually cooked using beef as the key ingredient. However, in this dish, they replace the meat with porcupine meat. It doesn’t have any smell and does not taste bad either.

According to some people who have tried it, the taste is quite delicious and can also pass as beef meat.

They used the same preparation with the porcupine rendang. The meat was stir-fried, then doused with coconut milk, some lemongrass and tamarind were used. They simmer it for a few hours till the meat is tender, and the taste becomes full of taste.

Century Eggs

These are preserved eggs of quail, duck, or hen. A mixture of salt, ash, quicklime, clay, and rice hulls are used to preserve the eggs for weeks or a few months.

The outcome of the egg is greenish to grey yolk with a brown outer layer. The taste is creamy, flavorful, and salty.

The smell though will keep you awake at night, still remembering its pungent odor.

Century eggs are served with meat, or eaten on its own. Sometimes it is used as garnishing for porridge, also in other Asian countries.

Another way of serving century eggs in Malaysia is by putting it on top of tofu. They mince century eggs before using it as garnishing to tofu. It is also best served chilled.

Crispy Honey Bees

These critters are high in protein and taste exceptional when cooked. Honey bees are either fried or sauteed with pepper, other seasonings, and salt. Consumed with peanuts, chopped onions, and lime. Honey bees and their larvae are used to make this exotic food and give a chicken-like taste once cooked.

Crispy honey bees have high nutritional value also, which is mostly what Malaysians think while consuming this exotic dish.

Cow Lung

Instead of letting parts of the cow go to waste, they make it into another special Malaysian dish.

Also known as paru or Paro Goreng. Best eaten while it is hot. It can pass off as cow lung jerky with its quality.

They clean the cow lung, scraped off unwanted parts, and boiled together with garlic, lemongrass, bay leaf, a bit of ginger, salt, pepper, and some herbs.

The cow lung, usually is thinly sliced or according to the seller’s preference, then seasoned once again before frying it for a few minutes.

They can eat it as a snack while it is freshly taken out of the pan or served with hot rice. There is also a type of sauce called sambal chili sauce that is poured on it before serving.

Sago Grubs

One of the weirdest food in Malaysia is called sago grubs. Consumed by most locals without second thoughts and finds the sago grubs tasty. Although, there are still others who squirm with just the thought of twisting the head of these critters and eating it alive.

They know sago grubs to be nutritious with lots of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fats and have less cholesterol compared to other meat.

Other people may find it challenging to eat wriggling creatures, and even when you chew it, there will still be some left of it wiggling inside.

Normally, it is eaten as appetizers during gatherings, get-together, and weddings.

They even make it into pizza in some restaurants in Malaysia because of its popularity.

Bak Kut Teh with Pork Intestines and Offal

They make the soup from boiled fatty pork ribs. They boil the ribs for many hours together with many herbs and spices to make the taste stand out. The product then becomes sweet, flavorful, and appetizing.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there because they mix pork intestines and offal in the soup to make it a one of a kind dish. They also throw in some spices. Usually, this is eaten with a bowl of rice and mostly served in a clay pot.

Some consumers use chili sauce, and some other condiments to fully enjoy its taste.

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