Weirdest Food In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located between Oceania and Southeast Asia, consisting of approximately 17000 islands with Bali being one of the most populous. Its population is more than 255 million people making it the fourth most populous country in the world and in addition the archipelago of this country has been a region that has great importance for trade worldwide.

This country has a great ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity, so its motto is “Unity in Diversity”. It is also part of the countries of the world that have the greatest biodiversity, this because it has many disabled areas, so it is a megadiverse country.

To talk about Indonesia is to talk about culture, nature and tourism, its climate and its beaches make it a perfect place to vacation; another element to highlight is its gastronomy and is that having such a great cultural diversity this has to be reflected in its meals, you are influenced by India, China, the Middle East, Europe and many more. This same reason is what makes it possible for us to tell you about Weirdest Food In Indonesia, let’s see who will be so brave to try one of the next 10 weird food on their next trip to the Asian country.

Tikus panggang

We start with one specially designed for rodent lovers, Tikus panggang is a weird food prepared with grilled rat. We know you’ve probably made a grimace but you have to give it a try, the meat is tender and delicious and many claim it tastes like chicken. Also don’t worry, this is a type of rat that are called wooden rats so they only eat this and it’s cleaner.

Ulat sagu

These meals do not become more provocative, now it is the turn of the Ulat Sagu, a typical dish that is prepared with sago worms. These are usually found in coconut trees and eaten raw; If you’re one of those who don’t mind eating them raw, you can eat them grilled or boiled and accompany them with spicy sambal that complements perfectly with the juicy worm. This is an exotic food that requires you to have a little courage to take it to your mouth, but quiet, according to many tourists these are a real delight.


Si eres fan de batman este plato podría obtener tu atención, te contamos que el Paniki es un plato principal preparado con murciélago salvaje. Lo consigues mayormente en North Sulawesi y es cocinado con leche de coco, especies fuertes para eliminar el olor del mamífero y chiles para un toque picoso, los lugareños también lo recomienda ensartados o fritos. Además, aseguran que es ideal para mejor o curar las alergias y el asma, Âtú comerías esta weird food.

Keripik ceker

If you are a chicken lover this could be a tolerable dish for you, this one is literally prepared with chicken legs; its preparation is the important point because it is what will give it the flavor. These are marinated in pepper, salt and other spices such as garlic and coriander, then fried until completely crisp and ready to eat. You can eat it with steamed rice and spicy sambal sauce that will make it much more delicious.

Belalang goreng

The name doesn’t tell you anything it is, but we’re sure it won’t be exactly the kind of food you love. This has as its main ingredient fried grasshoppers and are considered sandwiches; their preparation is simple, you must remove the wings and legs, then put them to marinate with garlic, salt, coriander and kaffir leaves, then you must take them to the pan and fry them until they are completely crisp.

Sate susu

This is a dish prepared with cow’s udder, its texture is a little strange but its flavor will be amazing if you get the necessary spices. We recommend placing a cup of a salted cream and a little spicy which will make its taste and smell more appetizing, this weird food is the favorite of Muslims but many tourists do not dare to try it because they do not usually eat this part of the cows; but there are still tourists who appreciate it.

Sate Kelinci

The main ingredient of this exotic food is one that is consumed in various parts of the world but we still do not get used to seeing it be part of gastronomy, this is about the rabbit. For this, the meat of the small mammal is cut into small pieces so that it can be set on a rod and proceed to roast it on a charcoal grill. It is usually served with rice, sliced shallot and a touch of a spicy peanut sauce made with soy and chili paste, all of which will make the taste much better.

Sate Ular

We can’t stop putting this important dish for Indonesian locals, its main ingredient is a cobra and it’s perfect for eating while walking the streets. It is used to grilling it and is served with sliced tray, spicy peanut salt and some soy sauce. Sometimes they also tend to drink fresh reptile blood combined with an Indonesian liqueur called Arak and also some honey. Many say the dish is ideal for stimulating libido.


This dish is really popular in Bali, but only you can tell if you would consume it; it is a weirdest food in Indonesians where you can find a lot of fresh pork blood that will be mixed with minced meat, also placed shredded coconut and Balinese herbs on top. This dish is also prepared with pork, mackerel and roasted pigle, then consumed with steamed rice as an accompanying companion.

Sate Ulat Bulu

We close our list of 10 Weirdest Food In Indonesia with a dish made with caterpillars. This is consumed because many visitors and locals have the belief that these small animals can help fight a toothache. However, it is not just any caterpillar, only those that are part of the lyman tridae family and also those that come from the turi tree. They are also said to have a high protein level, so we recommend that you give them a try.

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