Want to make images black and white online? Try the four ways.

The art of black and white photography has been a subject of interest in the artistic world for a long time. Nowadays, we usually take pictures with our mobile phone, or with the latest generation cameras that are capable of capturing almost the entire color spectrum. But sometimes less is more. The charm of black and white photography lies in minimalism and essentialism. With the absence of color we can try to find beauty in the form, in the subject or the object of the image. When the color disappears, everything else becomes evident: the contrasts, the shadows and the light. The elements that would have gone unnoticed with color are now the protagonists.

To do this, here below we leave you four ways with which you can change the color of your photos to discover new perspectives in your images.


ConvertImage is an online software that allows you to apply filters to your images. It is available in English, French, Spanish and Brazilian. To apply the black and white photo filter, you will need to:

1. Access their website.

2. Search the top menu for “Online Photo Effects”.

3. Search in the drop-down menu “Black and White (B / W)”.

4. Follow the steps indicated on the page, they are very simple and intuitive. First you will have to select the output format of the image, then upload your image and finally click the green “Send this image” button.

5. After that, it will take you to a page where you can download your image.

The pros of this page are that they offer you total privacy, deleting any images you have uploaded and converted after fifteen minutes. In addition, it has an intuitive and easy-to-use system with three easy steps. It also offers a lot of other services with filters of different types.

The only cons of this page is that its interface is a bit chaotic and saturated with random elements. The first time you walk in it can be difficult to locate each item. Although once you get used to it, it is super easy to use.


LunaPic is also an online image editing software that allows you to apply filters to your images. The first time you access the page you should:

1. Access their website.

2. Search the top menu for “Filters”.

3. Search in the drop-down “Black and White”.

4. Upload your photo.

5. With the tools that appear in the vertical menu, on the left side of the page, edit the elements you want.

6. To save the image, you have two options: Select the save icon in the left vertical menu, so that it offers you different saving formats. You can also do it with the right mouse button and select the option “Save Image As”.

The pros of this software are how clean the interface of the page looks and the options it offers you to customize the image once you have applied the filter: you can add text, crop, draw on top of the photo and several other options.

As against on this page it is not that intuitive when saving or adding new images.

Online Photo Converter

Online Photo Converter is also an online software to apply filters to your images. It is multi-language and offers other options such as giving an old photo effect. Also, it is capable of converting multiple images at the same time. To convert your images to grayscale you will have to:

1. Access their website.

2. Look on the main page for the option “Make multiple black and white images online (grayscale)”.

3. Once you are on the correct page, you just have to follow the steps. At the top it offers you the options of converting it to purely black and white images. Then you will have the option to add all the images you want, they will appear listed below the “import image” rectangle. Below you will have the option of whether to correct gamma (lights) and the quality you want for the edited image.

4. Press the gray “Ok” button.

5. It will take you to a new page that offers you two options. Press “Download” to download the edited image and “Go Back” to return to the previous menu.

As a pro, this page also specifies the privacy it offers to the users, it has a deletion of the images two hours after the upload of the files. In addition, it has a clean and very intuitive interface.

As a con, you can not alter the values of the image to your liking. It does offer gamma correction but you can’t edit them manually. In addition, it has less offer of filters and editions.


IMGonline is the last software on the list. It is also used to apply the black and white filter for free and online. You will need to:

1. Access their website.

2. Search the top menu for “Effects”.

3. Search through the list of effects: “Black-and-White”.

4. Inside you have a brief explanation and a step-by-step tutorial to convert your image: Upload it, choose whether or not you want gamma correction, choose the output format and choose if you want to copy the image’s metadata (date, location, etc.)

5. Press the “Ok” button.

6. You will access a new page that will allow you to “Open processed image”, “Download processed image” or “Go back”.

The pros of this page are how simple it is to apply the effects and the variety of options that the platform offers.

As a con, it also has a slightly saturated interface and, in addition, certain images converted with certain qualities (low quality and gamma correction, all at the same time) can generate errors in the output image.

Add color to black and white photos

If you want to add color to black and white photos, you can use the Picture Colorizer software. It has a web version (Image Colorizer) and a desktop version for computers, both free. It is a software that, based on artificial intelligence, is capable of adding color to black and white images in a very organic way.

Both, the web and the app, are incredibly easy to use, have a nice interface, and deliver high-quality results!

On the web, you just have to upload the document and press the blue “Start” button. Then it will let you download it.

In the application, you will have to use the “Add Images” button to upload the black and white photograph and then press the “Colourize!” for the AI to start working. You can then edit the exposure, saturation and other elements individually to achieve the best quality for your image. At the bottom right you will have the “Save As” button to save it.

In conclusion

In conclusion, to convert to black and white the best application will be LunaPic because you can edit it afterwards and add other effects on top of black and white. The others will do the same service, all are online and free, but may be more confusing and not able to edit the photos after the filter is added to your original image.

To color them, I highly recommend Picture Colorizer, it is the best, most intuitive and with better quality results.

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