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At present, in excess of 80% of the consumers are known to visit the websites of different companies prior to making a purchasing decision. Moreover, an increasing number of customers make decisions depending on their online experience. For this reason, the usability, appearance, and accessibility of your site have become quite important particularly in an extremely competitive market.

We, at Digital Agency Gothenburg, are known to provide professional web design and web application development services to our customers for a considerable period of time. We offer different types of website development and design services such as creating responsive website designs and mobile website development solutions, building customized e-commerce solutions using the most recent web technologies, and so on.

Why you would need a Website?

In case you like to prosper your business by being in touch with the proper audience, it is important for you to be found on the web. This implies that you ought to have a website. Below, we have mentioned 7 important reasons why you need a website at present.

1. Your clients expect it

You are expected by your tech-savvy customers to have a website where they will be able to come across more info regarding your business. When it comes to you, your site can help you to prosper your business, promote your goodwill in front of the target audience and clients, deliver strong messages regarding marketing, and also enhance brand recall value. Your website will be responsible for delivering your marketing message around-the-clock.

2. Provides social proof

On most occasions, customer behavior will be driven by what others say regarding your business. In case your brand has been rated 5-star on various review sites, individuals expect to see your site for getting more information regarding the brand. It is a fact that prospective buyers are searching for you online, and therefore, one fantastic way to impress them and provide social proof will be to include customer reviews on your site.

3. Helps to maximize ROI

In this era of digital transformation, it does not cost a considerable amount of cash to create a site on free tools like WordPress.com. Of course, you can buy a website if your budget permits it. A site which is search engine optimized will allow you to be in front of numerous potential clients without breaking the bank. It will allow you to get to a wider audience for promoting your products or services.

4. Adds to the credibility of the company

In case you’d like to depict the world that your business is taken by you seriously, then you need to buy a professional website. A lot of smartphone users are in the habit of discovering a new product or company while searching on their mobile gadgets, and therefore, your credibility can be damaged by not having a website. Individuals will be engaging with the business which they can trust, and a website will help to build that relationship effectively.

5. Helps to compete with your rivals

A website will provide you with an opportunity of competing with the giants of your industry. Getting a respectable position in the search engine results pages will be one surefire way to challenge your rivals. As a result, your customers might be purchasing from your rivals in case you do not dominate the web.

6. Expands working hours

Owning a website implies that your content will be available to the users around the clock according to their convenience. Being available at all times will help to support marketing and increase sales to a great extent. This will also help to create effective customer service particularly if there are AI-powered chatbots activated on your site.

7. Depicts what you are offering

A website will be the initial interaction of the target audience with the brand of yours. Apart from displaying your offerings, you can also publish PDF instructions that can be downloaded by your clients. This is going to increase the average time spent by your clients on your website in the long run.

What is a website?

A website is undoubtedly the most significant element of the web. It can be defined as an assortment of interlinked and publicly accessible webpages sharing a single domain name. A website can be developed and also maintained by a person, group, or business for serving different purposes.

What is included in our website development services?

We, at Digital Agency Gothenburg, are a reputed web development firm with advanced infrastructure for creating large-scale projects for our clients. Our developers have got the required training as well as experience to get the job done perfectly within a short span of time. Below, we have mentioned some notable website development services provided by our company.

1. Website hosting

Our hosting services provide an inexpensive and flexible web hosting solution customized for your business. We will be taking care of all the day-to-day hosting operations including software management, software updates, email hosting, as well as support. It does not matter whether you are a small business or a large e-commerce shop our hosting services will provide security and expertise while providing you with the confidence that your site is managed professionally.

2. Graphic design

The professional graphic designers of our company have the ability to take the personality of your company and translate it into effective visual design. With meticulous consideration of typography, color schemes, and design principles, our talented team will work with you for creating affordable and impressive graphics which will help to represent your brand effectively.

3. Responsive web design

Nowadays, with more than 50% of the web traffic originating from mobile devices, it is imperative to create a website which is mobile-friendly. It all begins with responsive web design which will allow your website to provide an optimum experience from any gadget it is being viewed from. It implies that your site is going to appear great for any user on a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. Every website which is developed by our company makes use of responsive web design functioning flawlessly on every single device from which the users are accessing it.

How much is it for a website?

It is quite difficult to provide a proper answer to this question regarding website development prices. However, we will make every effort to make the costs quite inexpensive with our experience and skills. We will be working according to your budget so that you do not feel problematic at any point in time. We’re sanguine that we will be capable of providing you with the most effective results within a short span of time.

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