Vivien Chien

Vivien Chien is an American novelist that writes mystery novels. As a mixed-race author with an Italian father and an Asian mother, Vivien’s stories are designed to give mixed-race people a voice in the mystery genre.

When she was first starting, Vivien was tempted to make her novels completely Asian. But after some thought, she realized that the approach wasn’t an accurate representation of her life. Vivien was half Asian. However, she was also half Italian, and her experiences had always reflected both halves of her ancestry.

She eventually saw the rationale of writing fiction that mirrored her life, particularly after she realized that mixed characters were so rare. The author took up the writing habit at a young age. She was already writing stories about her classmates in 2nd grade.

Though, at the time, she hadn’t yet set her sights on a career in publishing. Because of her age, Vivien wasn’t necessarily dedicated to writing. Her interests kept changing. But her love for reading remained consistent.

As a teenager, she discovered Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’. It changed everything. Not only was the author captivated by the novel but it compelled her to pursue writing as a career. Though, at the time, she did not truly believe that she would ever attain her dream of becoming a published author.

As an adult, Vivien learned the importance of believing in herself and trusting the quality of her stories. As a teenager, she was content to simply experiment with writing. Her first novel, written during her teenage years, was inspired by ‘Interview with the Vampire’. She never finished it, though she attempted to do so on numerous occasions.

Vivien was still learning the ropes of writing fiction at the time. She continued to hone her skills in the years that followed by writing a chick-lit novel that, she admits, was quite flat. It wasn’t until she turned her attention to the mystery genre that her fortunes began to change.

Vivien was drawn to the genre because she loves puzzles. She enjoys figuring things out and finding solutions to difficult problems. The author also loves the fact that, in the mystery genre, justice is almost always served. The protagonist always catches the bad guys and wrongs are righted.

Vivien is a pantser. Her publishers expect her to submit basic outlines of her books before she writes them. But for the most part, she doesn’t work with a plan. She prefers to figure things out as she goes.

The author encourages aspiring writers to pursue their craft with conviction and determination. She discourages them from tolerating doubt. Vivien tries to have as much fun as she can when writing. Her books spend a lot of time delving into her culture. Her goal is to keep things interesting and to keep surprising her readers whilst also respecting the traditions of her people.

Best Vivien Chien Books

Vivien loves video games. She is drawn to titles with intricate storylines. She also enjoys third-person shooters. When she isn’t reading, writing, or playing video games, Vivien can be found trawling bookstores for new novels. Some of the best books in her bibliography include:

1). Death by Dumpling

Lana was at the end of her rope. Her relationship was over and she had no career to speak of. So she went back to her family’s restaurant to wait tables. Lana wasn’t too keen on dealing with her mother. The woman was determined to find her a husband.

But Lana had little in the way of options. If she thought that life as a waiter would bring her some much-needed peace, Lana was proven wrong when the property manager died. Now the entire establishment is under suspicion. Mr. Feng was clearly murdered and Lana must find the culprit before its too late.

2). Dim Sum of All Fears

Lana was finally ready to move on to other things. She was on the verge of snagging a real job. But then her parents decided to travel, complicating matters considerably. Now Lana is in charge. She knows that she can run the place. However, she cannot steer clear of murder. When the newlyweds next door turn up dead, Lana decides to find their killer.

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