Victoria Hamilton

Victoria Hamilton is a pseudonym that Donna Simpson, a Canadian author uses to write mystery novels. Best known for works like the Merry Muffin Mysteries, Victoria has been writing for a significant portion of her life. She has done other jobs but publishing was her first love and it was all she ever wanted to pursue.

Her interest in mysteries was sparked at a young age. She was 12 when her mother gave her an Agatha Christie novel to read. It created in Victoria a desire to produce stories in the same vein. Interestingly enough, she did not start out as a writer of mysteries.

Readers that discovered the author’s work early on knew her as a romance writer. This wasn’t her choice. Victoria likes romance, especially Regency romance. But she would have preferred to write mysteries, and she attempted to do just that.

Victoria penned several mystery novels. However, people kept turning them down. The author would be the first to tell you that she adopted the writing habit because it was fun. She was writing novels long before she secured her first publishing contract. Victoria did not require financial rewards to encourage her to pursue her craft, and she had no problem writing mysteries even though publishers kept turning them down.

However, she needed money, and mystery novels couldn’t pay her bills, which is why she switched tracks, turning her attention to Regency romance. Fortunately, she liked the genre, so it wasn’t necessarily a chore for her to write romance novels.

The publishing industry changed its tune. They welcomed the author’s work, allowing her to achieve her dream of becoming a published author. Over time, once she had established her name in the field, Victoria looked for and eventually landed an opportunity to indulge her love for mysteries.

The writer loves the genre because it is so optimistic. Even though mankind is flawed, the mystery genre shows that the world is still filled with good people and that, with enough persistence, all wrongs are eventually righted.

Another attractive aspect of the mystery genre is the characters. Victoria Hamilton loves writing complicated characters with interweaving lives. This is the one element she appreciates about the romance genre. It is character-centric, which is why the author looks at it as a training ground that allowed her to hone her skills before she finally wrote her first published mystery novel.

Victoria believes that writing requires a lot of discipline. This was the one attribute she struggled with. As a younger woman, she did not believe that she had the discipline to start and complete a novel. She blames her change in attitude on her education.

The author never finished college. She spent one year at university during which she had to work to pay her tuition. After realizing that she was better off injecting her efforts into her work, she left. While she was studying English at a local university via correspondence, Victoria had to force herself to sit in one place every day to listen to tapes of lectures and to do her homework.

Though she never completed her studies, the experience taught her discipline, which is why she encourages aspiring writers to sit down and write regardless of whether or not they feel inspired.

Best Victoria Hamilton Books

Victoria’s hobbies include cooking and the collection of vintage kitchen items. She also loves television. Some of her best novels include:

1). Deadly Grind

Jaymie Leighton loves vintage cookware. The fact that the house she shares with her sister is already cluttered doesn’t stop her from buying a Hoosier brand kitchen cabinet from the 1920s. Jaymie leaves the cabinet out on the porch overnight.

When she checks on it in the morning, she realizes that a man was killed using the steel meat grinder. While the police attempt to determine the man’s identity, Jaymie does her own digging, hoping to figure out the motive for the murder.

2). Bran New Death

When she inherited her uncle’s mansion, Merry used the opportunity to start over. The mansion was run down but it had an amazing kitchen that Merry could use to kickstart her muffin business. The only obstacle was the local baker and her crazy brother both of whom hated her uncle.

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