Using Face Maske Is Very Important

Face masks or mouth masks are very important at this time, because covering the nose and mouth can reduce the spread of diseases caused by viruses. In addition to warding off viruses, masks can also ward off air pollution or even to prevent transmitting and contracting diseases.

There are also rules for wearing a mask, so that it is effective when used, here are some tips for using a mask:

• Clean palms. Before handling the mask, you should wash your hands with soap or use the oldest antiseptic first.

• Make sure the mask is not deformed. Check the condition of the mask to be used, is it clean and not damaged. Do not use a mask that is damaged, because it will not provide protection.

• Knowing which is the top, bottom, outside and inside of the mask. For the multi-layer colored mask, the colored part is on the outside, while the white part is on the inside. For the top there is a wire to fit on the nose bridge.

• Use masks orderly. When wearing a mask, do not open and close the mask frequently.

• Be diligent in changing masks. We recommend that you change your mask every 4 hours so that it can protect you optimally.

Various kinds of masks are sold both offline and online. Various kinds of non-medical masks on the market today include:

KN95 Mask

This mask consists of several layers of polypropylene plastic polymer and synthetic materials. designed to cover the mouth and nose using a strap. Can filter 95% of small 0.3 micron particles. The particle size is 0.3 microns smaller than the droplet size, namely droplets when coughing, talking and sneezing. The KN95 mask is made in China, but if it is marketed in America, it must be certified and approved by the FDA and must meet 95% filtration requirements.

Dustproof Mask

This mask can isolate dust and small particles as much as 95%, usually there is an activated carbon filter that can be replaced. Equipped with a live clip that follows the shape of a live rod so that it fits perfectly and a rope that is looped around the head. There is an exhalation valve, breathing becomes more comfortable in prolonged use. This mask can be used in various activities such as cycling, running, hiking or other activities.

Disposable Mask

These masks are usually made from high-quality, triple-layered spundbond. The outer layer is a cloth that effectively filters dust and other small particles, the second layer is a barrier layer and the innermost layer is a layer that is skin-friendly and can absorb moisture from the breath.

equipped with a nose clip so that it can adjust the nose bridge and reduce fogging for eyeglass users. Equipped with a strap that is attached to the ear made of soft and elastic so that it does not cause pressure on the ear.

This disposable mask is suitable for use at home, office, shop, salon, as well as other outdoor activities.

Cotton Mask

The mask is made of anti-bacterial cotton which makes it comfortable to use, and to breathe smoothly. Made with multi-layers, this mask is reusable, preferably wash immediately after use.

Let’s put on a mask.

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