Unicorn Gifts

A true friend who will stand beside you in good times and bad as difficult to find and as important to cherish as a majestic unicorn. A gift worthy of this elegant companion can prove to be even more elusive, though, especially among the limitless potential presents that you encounter online every day. For the loyal loved one obsessed with all things unicorn, don’t settle for any subpar specialties; below, you will find an assortment of the incredible gifts as rare and magical as a unicorn itself.

Creepy Critters

Unicorn merchandise tends to lean in the direction of cutesy and glittery, but your loved one doesn’t have to desire all things adorable to appreciate a heartfelt unicorn gift. Creepy Critters unicorn candle holder is a tad morbid, but perhaps that’s just the vibe your friend prefers. From atop its white cloud, this unicorn proudly holds up it’s candle horn for all to admire; as the wax melts though, it trickles down this creatures face to form colorful wax tears. The Creepy Critters unicorn candle holder works best with the companies rainbow candles, 2 of which are included with the candle holder, but afterwards, most chime candles can take their place for continuous reuse potential.


As the weather gets cold, your beloved unicorn fan can conquer the slopes in style, perched upon the back of their favorite noble steed! As inflatable sled that inflates in mere seconds, the GoFloats unicorn sled is the ideal gift for your snowed-in companions in the north. Inflated, the GoFloats unicorn sled is 45-inches wide, more than large enough to accommodate child and adult riders alike. Once the sun sets on your snow day, the sled deflates for easy, convenient storage. Even rough riders can rest easy upon this colorful unicorn and each inflatable comes with a repair kit included, ensuring nothing keeps this wintertime wonder of its hooves!


Is there any thought more exciting than that of leading a unicorn army to battle? For your unicorn-loving friend, the answer is almost certainly a resounding no! TeeTurtle’s Unstable Unicorns brings the fantasy to life, making this gift ideal for the young adult with an active imagination and 2-8 friends to play with. Unstable Unicorns is a strategy game that pits friend against friend and unicorn against unicorn in a fight to conquer. Only taking about 30-minutes to play and boasting 135 unique cards, TeeTurtle’s unicorn-obsessed game is the perfect party game to play again and again as the night carries on. For more unicorn fun, TeeTurtle has even released several expansion packs to the game, making Unstable Unicorns incredibly replay-able and impossible to resist.


Unicorns and robots might not be an obvious mix, but after they lay eyes on the UBTECH UnicornBot, your loved ones won’t ever question the unlikely combination again. With this gift, your companion will receive a unicorn robot that they get to build and code all by themselves (with a little help from the included instructions, of course). The UBTECH UnicornBot and the corresponding JIMU app are a brilliant tool to introduce young, enterprising minds to the potential that coding holds, teaching them the basics through both the 3D building instructions and through creative problem solving scenarios. With no tools required, UBTECH is an appropriate gift for those ages 8 and older with a love for technology and, as always, unicorns.

Unicorn Skeleton

As they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. In the case of your loved one’s favorite mythical creature however, what’s on the inside is a bit on the spooky side. For unicorn lovers with darker sensibilities, the Unicorn Skeleton is the ideal balance between adorable unicorn charm and eerie Halloween darkness. From its fossilized horn all the way to the tips of its four hooves, the Unicorn Skeleton is convincing show of both magic and macabre, of grace and ghoulishness, or horses and horror. Standing at 27-inches tall and 43-inches long, this creepy gift is sure to catch some attention as a festive porch decoration come Halloween; or, perhaps this skinless beast is better suited to indoor living. Wherever your unicorn lover needs a touch of horror, the Unicorn Skeleton is sure to fit right in.

Unicorn Light

Could any magical creature point the way forward better than the majestic unicorn? With this colorful wall sculpture, your loved one will have no trouble following the light thanks to the Unicorn Light’s unmistakable light-up horn. The Unicorn Light, at 15-inches tall, makes for the greatest nightlight a young equestrian could ask for, reminding them that their friend is watching over them as they drift off to sleep each night. This unicorn gift requires 3 LR44 cell batteries to run, the first of which come already included with the Unicorn Light. So, brighten up the darkest nights right away – gift your young unicorn lover the Unicorn Light and tur their bedroom into the magical realm that they’ve always dreamt of!

Unicorn Mug

As your loved one’s cup of coffee wakes them up when night turns to dawn, so to does the coffee awaken this colorful Unicorn Mug! When up to 10-fluid ounces of any hot beverage are added to the ceramic mug, the elegant purple unicorn on the face of the mug transforms, turning itself into a rainbow of color in an instant. This magical gift is sure to make your loved one’s morning a little more exciting as they sup on their first cup of the day. Much like a real unicorn, the Unicorn Mug should avoid the microwave and the dishwasher; but with proper care, this loyal beast will be happy to wake up your favorite companions day after day.

Luxy Float

Sure, your friend could go swimming and have a perfectly fine time. But your loved one’s are royalty, and deserve nothing but the best – they deserve the giant, gold, dragon Luxy Float. A gift truly worthy of your loved one’s elegance and grace, the Luxy Float will show them off around the pool with pride. This massive 103-inch can support up to 400-pounds, even allowing your friend to invite someone special to join them on their luxurious galivant. No matter who they are or where they’re from, your companion is certain to look cool atop the back of this amazing mythical beast.

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