Understanding Snoring Index and Snore Score

Measuring Our Snores

As astounding as it sounds, some machines and devices measure our sleep and our snores. These are very helpful in determining if we had a good night’s sleep. The importance of sleep cannot be stressed enough by experts in the field of sleep. It is when we slumber that our bodies recuperate, and our cells heal themselves. During our sleep cycle, we go through several phases of sleep, and it is during the NREM that our bodies and our brain become inactive. This phase of sleep occurs once every sleep cycle. A sleep cycle can happen 4-6 times a night, granting that you sleep the average 8 hours of sleep.

Importance of Snoring Index and Snore Score

Both snoring index and snore score can help the doctor evaluate you for sleeping disorders. Sleep apnea is a common disorder that can lead to various serious conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and many others. It can also help doctors diagnose if you just have a snoring issue, not sleep apnea.

Snoring Index

This counts the number of snoring events that the person experiences during an hour of sleep. Specialists average the snoring occurrences. Age is a factor in diagnosing and reading the Snoring Index of an individual. Kids who have just 1-2 snoring events should be checked for sleep apnea. Children should not have sleep apnea and this should be a cause for concern. The frequency of snoring events is divided into total sleep time to get the correct rating.

For adults, snoring occurrences 5 and below is indicative of mild sleep apnea. The disorder can be managed through lifestyle changes such as sleeping position, alcohol consumption reduction, quitting smoking, losing weight, regular exercise, and keeping to regular sleeping hours. You can also try to exercise your throat and mouth by singing and doing other exercises. This can help to strengthen the throat muscles and tone them to reduce obstructions in the airways.

Snore Score

This is a measurement of your snoring intensity and the duration that you snore. Levels can reach up to 300 if your snoring is loud and severe. It does not mean that you have sleep apnea if you snore loudly, other tests need to be conducted to check if your breathing is affected by your snoring. Stopping breathing or breathing shallowly is a sign of sleep apnea or hypopnea. The average snore score is around 25, around 50 or higher can disturb your sleeping partner and higher than that means you need to look around for solutions.

The use of oral or dental appliances as mandibular advancement devices can help with snoring caused by obstructions in the throat. There are also nasal appliances that help to open up narrow nostrils or deviated septums. A deviated septum can benefit from am operation that corrects the crookedness of your nose.

Snoring Index vs Snore Score

Although both tests and readings are focused on snoring, they each have a different takeaway from their readings. Both are also keen on diagnosing sleep apnea and differentiating it from plain, old snoring. They also have other related tests that can further confirm whether you have sleep apnea or not.

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