Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal

Trees can enhance the overall appearance of our property and improve the natural beauty of our homes. Trees can even increase its value. Unfortunately, over time, some trees may require professional tree removal services.

When it comes to tree removal, it is a demanding job that requires technical knowledge and qualified and professional technicians like we are. Sometimes tree removal is necessary for the liability, aesthetics, health, and safety of your property.

Signs That You Need A Professional Tree Removal Service

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to contact our professional certified arborist who operates through New Haven, Indiana.

Dead/dying trees

Dead or dying trees not only look unsightly and diminish the value of your property but also pose a risk of damaging your property and injuring pets and people. Even for alive trees, dead branches must be removed in time because weather conditions such as heavy snow or strong winds can cause them to fall onto your property, including vehicles or power lines.

Heavily damaged trees

Even healthy trees can be easily damaged by heavy rain, storms, severe winds, and heavy snowfall. Make sure to check for warning signs such as weak roots, splitting, and hollow areas.

Tree growth in the wrong direction

An interesting phenomenon that often occurs when a tree is near houses, power lines, and other structures. If only the branches grow in the wrong direction, they can be redirected/trimmed. But if the tree as a whole poses a danger to property, people, and power lines, tree removal is necessary.

Tree Removal Process

In order to remove a tree, we exclusively use special tools to cut them into small pieces from the top all the way down. This method of tree removal is much safer than cutting the base and letting it fall on its own.

Tree removal demands professional and skilled arborists. Our methods ensure the workers, the property, and the tree, are all safe!

Stump Removal

Professional tree removal service through New Haven, Indiana, also includes stump removal in addition to tree removal. For stump removal, we are using a stump grinder. It is a machine with a chain of cutting teeth on a cutting wheel. This tool grinds the stump into small parts. The depth of the cuttings will depend on the stump deepness in the ground.

Why Choose Our Tree Removal Service?

The answer is quite simple: because we truly care about our customers. We are not striving just to chop down your tree or trim random branches. The core of our business is to become the number one removal tree service with the best possible customer service ever! We always appear on time, professionally dressed, and ready to offer you the exact price we will charge out, without hidden fees. We guarantee that we will exceed all your expectations. With our service, you can have complete peace of mind that comes from the fact that we are guided by the highest industry standards in our business! If you have any questions, do not hesitate, call us and find out why we have been leaders in this business for many years!

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