Top 5 tips that will take your fly fishing casting to the next level

After buying your first fly rod, it’s time to learn how to start with fly fishing casting. Unfortunately, many anglers never consider understanding the fundamentals of casting. Fly fishing casting is not easy and takes time to master. However, if you cast without knowing the fundamentals, you will never be able to gain the expertise – even after years of fly fishing,

To avoid making the same mistakes twice, it becomes crucial to focus on the right techniques and make necessary tweaks to your stroke. Even seasoned anglers always try to up their game by looking at ways to improve their cast. Fly- cast in an intricate process with various moving pieces but it’s what defines your style and success in fishing. Nevertheless, don’t worry, today we have some of the top tips that will help you take your fly-casting game to the whole new level.

1) Understand the Rod

The first and foremost thing is to understand the function of your rod. The rod does all the work for you so it’s essential to learn how to hold and move the rod during your cast.

This can make all the difference

Fly rods are different than traditional fishing poles. The former leverage the weight of the fly line to cast while the latter leverage the weight of the lure to cast. As flies weigh almost negligible, the weighted lines we got with the rod is needed to place the fly. The line is the most central part of your cast as it dictates both the distance and the accuracy of your fly placement.

For instance, if you go ahead with your forward cast before the back cast is completed, the line will not be cast forward appropriately, This means an inefficient cast that doesn’t leverage the energy created by your rod.

2) Take your time

When we are not having success, it’s easy to be frustrated and hasten up. This is similar to what we do when we are nervous – we speak quickly. When we move quickly during fly-fishing, we lose focus and this reduces the efficiency and the efficacy of the cast, leading to inaccurate and short casts.

If you notice yourself speeding up, calm down, and take your time. In such situations, I take out 15 feet of line and try to cast it again and again without letting any new line out. This helps me regain my focus and get back on track.

3) Back Cast is equally important

If you ask me to name one area where most anglers struggle, I would say their back cast. Since the back cast is not a part of the cast, it takes a back seat in the mind of the anglers. That’s absolutely the wrong way of looking at it. Your back cast is equally important as it generates more power to your forward cast. Your cast will not go where you want until your back cast is fundamentally strong.

So while casting, look back before starting your forward cast. While doing so, only move your head and not your body as moving your body may disturb your stroke.

4) Film yourself casting

Set up a camera on a tripod and cast with differing lengths of your fly line. Also, add the different weight of lures to see how it affects your cast. Once you have the video, you can sit back and take note of what you are doing right or wrong. You can also use these videos to track your progress and gain motivation.

5) Practice

Finally, practice, practice, and practice. It’s just like any other sport. The more you do, the better you get. But, it’s important to do it fundamentally right every time so your casting game becomes just as natural as you eat 😀

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