Top 5 Online Casino Slots for RTP

When deciding whether to play your favorites games at a given online slot machine, it’s a wise decision to, first of all, think about its RTP. But wait, what’s RTP, and Why Is it Important?Well, assuming this is the first time you are coming across the term RTP, you most likely have no idea of what it refers to and why it’s important to think about it before venturing with the online casino you are considering.

In simpler terms, RTP, also known as the Return-to-Player percentage, shows you the average rate of the staked amount (wager) that you can expect to be paid back by the casino over time. Let’s take an example, suppose you wagered several independent bets with a slot machine that has 95% RTP. If the total staked amount is, say, $1,000, you can expect to receive $950 of your stake back. The remaining $50 goes to the casino.

Generally speaking, you should only gamble with online casinos that have higher RTP. If you are having problems finding such casinos, try the following.

Top 5 Online Casino Slots for RTP

1. Mega Joker

One of the best slots for RTP that you will come across if you surf the internet is Mega Joker. This casino is a product of NetEnt and has been designed to offer an RTP of up to 99.00%. Besides, Mega Joker offers an incomparable progressive jackpot that would see you walking away with your pocket full – if you are the lucky gambler. It has been around for only five years, and surprisingly it taking over as the most reputable casino for RTP in 2020.

The combination of random jackpot and supreme RPT makes it a favorite choice among gamblers who want to play simple and easy slots.

You can spin and enjoy all the fun it offers with as little as $1. The max bet allowed here is $10.

2. Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly Big Event boasts a supreme RTP of 96% to 99%. It features up to 20 pay lines and will offer free spins to its customers. It has some features that you can resist. For example;

– Free spins round

– Epic spins

– Wild reels

– Progressive multiplier

– Locked wilds etc.

You can enjoy all of these with as little as $0.02. The max bet per spin is $500.

3. Ooh Aah Dracula

This is a product of Barcrest and is one of the fairest casinos in terms of RTP. Gamblers can either choose to purchase 5 spins for a little price and enjoy an RTP of up to 96.00% or spend a bit more to enjoy 99.00% RTP. There are various benefits you will enjoy here. E.g., 15 free spins, etc.

4. Blood Sucker

Designed by NetEnt, bloodsucker casino features an RTP of 98.00% and has up to 25 pay lines. The slot accepts between $0.25 and $50.00 per spin. Besides, you will receive ten free spins that can boost your gambling account balance if you maximize your chances.

5. Kings of Chicago

The Kings of Chicago casino features up to 97.80% and up to 5 pay lines. Unlike the regular casinos you are used to, this one features cards and not reels. Your main target here is to find the poker hands that bring payment. The casino offers free spin rounds to expect either 10, 15, 30 spins (free).

King of Chicago’s minimum stake is $0.05 per spin, while the maximum stake is $50 per spin.


The above are some of the best casinos in terms of RTP. Play them if you are looking to generate positive returns while still enjoying extreme fun

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