Tips on hiring an affordable electrician in Singapore

Most homes and properties have a large number of electrical devices, gadgets and appliances installed like lighting, air conditioners, water heaters. When there is any problem with the electrical system, it is very inconvenient and people want to get it repaired at the earliest. Also people are always purchasing new electrical appliances in their home. For some appliances, it is necessary to hire the services of an electrician to install them properly. Many home owners have a limited budget so they wish to hire a Cheap electrician who will complete the electrical repair or installation work at the lowest price.

While it is possible to hire a Cheap electrician Singapore after comparing the prices offered to save some money, there are many risks involved. The electrician may not be experienced due to which he may make mistakes which are expensive in the long term. In other cases, the electrician may not use quality material resulting in frequent problems which require repairs. Property owners should be aware that most electricians charge for their services based on the time required, so it is advisable to clear the area, so that the least time will be required. Some tips for hiring Cheap electric contractors are listed below


One of the main criteria while choosing an electrician for any installation or repair work is ensuring that electrician is licensed. Singapore has three categories of licensed electrical workers based on their training, education and type of work which they are doing. Though some electricians who are not licensed may do the work at a cheaper rate, there are many risks involved. The electrician may not be able to diagnose the problem properly, or suggest the wrong solution to fix the problem. The quality quality of the work done by the unlicensed electrician may also not be satisfactory, reducing reliability

Necessary permits

It is also important to ensure that the electrician hired is aware of the permits and permissions required for doing the electrical repair/installation. While no permission is usually required for minor repairs, for major changes like changing the distribution board or meter, permission from the local electricity board is required. The electrician should apply to the relevant department for permission, so that the work can be inspected after the repairs or changes are complete. If the permits are not obtained, it can create a problem while selling or leasing the property.

Bundling jobs

In many properties, there may be one major electrical repair or installation work, and other smaller electrical problems which are not fixed like loose wiring or switches. Instead of contacting the electrician repeatedly for each problem, it is better to make a list of the scope of the electrical work which has to be done, and ask the electrician for a quote for all the work. The time and money spent to travel to the customer site, is often a major part of the cheap electrician charges, so the rates for the first hour of work are usually higher. The electrician will charge less for the remaining time required for repairs.

Finalize prices

To avoid escalation in expenses later, it is always advisable to finalize the scope of work, and prices for doing the work. The property owner or his staff should get a quote from multiple electrical contractors to compare their prices so that they can negotiate and get a good deal. Before finalizing the order, the cheap electrician should clearly specify the materials which he will supply like the wiring, fuses, and quantity. He should also specify his charges for the time spent doing repairs, so that if the repairs take more time, he will be compensated. If the work is less complicated, it may also take less time.

Reviews online, recommendations

Though some electrical contractors may offer low prices the quality of the work done may not be good, resulting in time wastage. So it is advisable to check the reviews online for low cost electricians. Another option to find suitable contractors is asking business associates, friends and others for recommendations for a reliable and affordable electrical contractor. Daylight Electrician is one of the most highly recommended cheap electrician in Singapore since it offers quality services at affordable prices and has a large number positive reviews from a wide range of customers.

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