Tips for Selling a used Mobile Home

Selling your used mobile home fast and for a great price is important. You want to be able to complete the transaction smoothly. You can choose to get a real estate agent involved to help you with the paperwork and marketing. You can also choose to sell it on your own. If you plan to do it yourself, make sure you know the legal process for doing so.

What is it Worth?

Make sure you know the current value of the used mobile home. This will vary based on location, condition, year, and even the demand for such property in your area. You can get a good idea online about the current worth of it. You can also hire an expert to complete an appraisal.

Title Situation

What is the current situation with the title to the property? If you owe money on it, how much is the payoff? This is important to obtain so you know the lowest amount you can accept as an offer to get the title to it. If you don’t own anything on it, do you have the title in hand? If not, find out how to get a duplicate one locally.

Will the mobile home need to be moved or can it stay where it is? If you own the land it is on, do you plan to include that in the sell price? If you want it moved from the property you need to specifically state that in the listing for the used mobile home. If it is in a mobile home park, the new owner will have to work out the details to remain there with the property manager.

Take Care of Repairs

Try to take care of any necessary repairs before you list the mobile home. You will get a better price and more interest when it looks great inside and out! Some fresh paint and a few other upgrades can help it to get noticed. If you are selling it as is, that can still get you offers but they will be lower.

Clear it Out

If you aren’t residing in the mobile home, clear it out! You will have more offers if it is free of any clutter or furniture and they could buy it and move in immediately. If you are living in it, do what you can to eliminate clutter. This can give the wrong impression to a potential buyer. You want them to see it as clean and spacious!

Take Plenty of Pictures and Videos

Take your time with the pictures and videos of the mobile home before you advertise it is for sale. This allows potential buyers to see it inside and out. If they are interested in what they see, they can schedule a time to see it in person. Your real estate agent can get it listed right away. If you plan to market it on your own, make sure you diversify your methods. You want to offer a full description and price with the pictures and videos.

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