Tips For Renting an Apartment Without Credit

If you’ve had issues with credit in the past, or you haven’t had time to build your credit, things can be very difficult. You could have trouble being approved for loans, and even phone contracts. With bad credit, finding somewhere to live is also going to be a problem.

Renting an apartment can be very difficult if you don’t have a good credit history behind you. However, there are some things you can do to rent an apartment with no credit check. We take a look at your options if you are struggling to find an apartment rental.

Proving Your Income

If you know you can afford to live in the apartment, prove it to the landlord. To get a no credit check apartment, your earnings should be enough so that rent doesn’t come to one-third of your income. If the rent is going to be $1,200 a month, you will need to have an income of $3,600 or more, for example. You can offer to provide payslips or bank statements to prove to the landlord that you have enough income to cover the rent.

Even if you don’t have sufficient or stable income, a large balance in your savings account may be enough to satisfy them. You should have enough money in your savings account to cover 2 or 3 month’s rent, as a minimum.

Paying Your Rent in Advance

If you can offer a few month’s rent to your landlord in advance, they will be more interested in you renting an apartment to you. This will prove to the landlord that you are less of a risk, letting them forgo the credit check.

If you do this you have to make sure your payment is documented. You need to make sure you will get the advance returned to you at the end of the lease. You don’t want to find that you’ve ended up paying a few months more rent than you should have done when you move out.

Individual Owners

While an apartment complex may have strict rules for the requirements to pass a credit check, individual owners may have more leeway to accept you as a tenant without one. An individual owner could be a better option, giving you the chance to negotiate to get the apartment you want.

If you are fortunate enough to find no credit check apartment this way, you’ll still need to provide evidence to the landlord that you’ll be a good tenant. They will want to make sure you’ll pay your rent so may want to see proof of your income.

Start Renting Straight Away

When a landlord doesn’t have a tenant the property is just losing money for them. If you are able to start renting straight away this will be good for the landlord.

This is more likely to be an option if there isn’t much demand for rental properties in your area. If you start the rental contract and move in soon afterward, the landlord reduces his losses and might be able to overlook a lack of credit history.


Without a credit history, your landlord will want to see some reference letters. If you can provide some character references, they should show that you are going to be a more reliable tenant.

People who are responsible in their job or at school are generally considered to be more reliable tenants. A few good references should show to the landlord that you aren’t going to be very likely to be late with your rent.

Sign a Short Lease

If a landlord has a tenant that doesn’t pay on time, it can take them many months to get them to leave. This reduces the landlord’s income and causes them a lot of headaches. If you were to agree to a short-term contract, perhaps just 3-months, this will be less of a risk to the landlord.

If they aren’t happy with you as a tenant, they can evict you when the contract ends after only a few months. While this may not be ideal for you, it could mean you can rent without credit.

You could even offer to go month-to-month on the lease if you really like the apartment. If things have gone well, with you paying the rent on time for months, you can ask for a longer lease from the landlord.

Help From a Friend or Relative

If you are running out of options to rent an apartment, you could ask for some help from a friend or family member. This person does need to have good credit themselves in order to help you, and you need to be sure you will remain on good terms with them.

They need to trust you because if you fail to pay your rent, they will be responsible. But that isn’t all, if you don’t pay on time, their credit is at risk. Your failure to pay will show up in their credit reports, harming their score and making their chances of being approved for credit in the future more difficult.

Any problems with rent payments could lead to damage being done to your relationship as well. With a cosigner, you have to make sure you can pay the rent each month to avoid problems. Even though you could get approved for a better apartment with this help, it is important that you keep to your budget of not more than a third of your income.

Final Thoughts

If you can do things to improve the situation for the landlord, they are more likely to be willing to see beyond your lack of credit history. Landlords are running a business, and having their properties empty can lose them money. If you can lower the risks for them, you stand a better chance of getting an apartment with no credit check.

You could also use a few of these tips at the same time to improve your chances of getting the apartment you want. For example, if you have good reference letters, can prove you have enough income and are willing to pay in advance, you will make it difficult for the landlord to refuse.

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