Things To Do In Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach is a coastal city in the state of California. Thanks to its mild year-round climate, numerous beaches, and seaside resorts, it is a popular tourist destination. Many people also flood the city to enjoy the numerous art festivals that take place throughout the year.


  1. CRYSTAL COVE STATE PARK: The park is one of the most popular attractions in the city as it is one of the largest open-space and natural coastlines. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of water activities from surfing and swimming to scuba diving and fishing. The crystal blue waters are so picturesque, and kids can even play safely in the tidal pools.
  2. LAGUNA ART MUSEUM: When you’re visiting the city of art, you can’t pass up a visit to where all the art is collected and preserved. The museum only collects art from California, making its general theme a unique one. You can learn about the history of the state from the artworks, while also enjoying more contemporary pieces as well.
  3. LAGUNA COAST WILDERNESS PARK: The park is located along the Laguna Canyon Road and it sits on over 7,000 acres of wilderness area. Embark on the hiking trail that’s almost 40 miles long, or take your bike instead. The tall towering trees like oak and sycamores add to the incredible scenery, not to mention the vast fauna and flora that add to the beautiful landscape.


  1. HEISLER PARK: As you make your way along Cliff Drive, you will find this green oasis right next to the ocean, offering some of the best views of the ocean in town. The park has several walking paths that will lead you down to the various beaches. There are also picnic tables and barbecue pits for families who want to enjoy some time together by the coast.
  2. THOUSAND STEPS BEACH: This is one of the many beaches in the city and it is located where 9th Avenue meets the South Coast Highway. The beach is surrounded by steep cliffs on both ends, and there are over 200 steps with tree cover that lead you to the beach. The white-sand beach is wide open, allowing for games like volleyball and soccer, among the usual surfing.
  3. CRESCENT BAY POINT PARK: This relatively small park sits on a cliff above the ocean, offering a spectacular view of the horizon. The view is made more extravagant thanks to the beautifully landscaped gardens with colorful flowers. There are several hiking trails that lead to the beach where you can enjoy going snorkeling or scuba diving.


  1. MAIN BEACH: Right at the center of the city you will find the largest beach in town. Visitors often spend hours surfing, body surfing, or get a game of volleyball or basketball going. Others will make their way to the historic lifeguard tower that sits right at the center of the beach. You can spend hours cooling down in the water or getting a little tanned in the sun.
  2. PACIFIC MARINE MAMMAL CENTER: The main goal of the center is to rescue, take care, and then release the animals back into their natural habitats. This was one of the first animal rehabilitation centers in the state. Kids can learn all about the animals, their habitats, and how to take care of the seals and sea lions.
  3. LA VIDA LAGUNA: This tour company offers a variety of outdoor activities that allow you to explore all that the coast has to offer. For example, you can rent a kayak and go on a tour that will take you to the cove and cliffs, and you are very likely to see some dolphins or whales in the area as well. You can also do some hiking, biking, paddleboarding, and surfing.


  1. PAGEANT OF THE MASTERS: If you have ever walked into an art museum and wished the paintings could come alive, this is the place to have that wish fulfilled. You can watch live models recreate characters from the various artworks during the hip summer Festival of Art. The show takes place in the open-air amphitheater where the models move to the rhythm of the live orchestra.
  2. SAWDUST ART AND CRAFT FESTIVAL: Laguna Beach is known for hosting incredible art festivals, and this is one of the events of the year that draws in big crowds. The festival showcases local artists and the aim is to encourage, inspire, support, and educate the community and any emerging artists. You can find a variety of styles from painting and sculpting to woodwork, textile art, and glassblowing.
  3. THE LAGUNA PLAYHOUSE: The playhouse is a mid-sized theater that is popular among locals due to the fact that the theater company encourages local participation. Performers put on comedy shows, plays, musicals, and even children’s productions. There are also several community outreach programs and educational workshops that take place here.

If you’d like to take a dip into the ocean, Laguna Beach has several beaches to choose from. Spend your vacation soaking up the sun and enjoying the gorgeous views.

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