Things To Do In Gulfport, MS

Gulfport is the second-largest city in the state of Mississippi and a coastal town located along the Gulf of Mexico. The city is home to the US Navy fleet, the Seabees, making it a navy town. However, the numerous beaches and casinos are also what attract thousands of tourists each year.


  1. BUSTED WRENCH GARAGE MUSEUM: If you are car enthusiast then this is the best place for you. The museum is home to one of the largest collections of classic American cars. Along with the stunning cars that are kept in mint condition, you will also find antique motorcycles and retro boats.
  2. MISSISSIPPI COAST MODEL RAILROAD MUSEUM: Not many people are fans of locomotors, but for the few who are obsessed with all things trains, then this is the perfect place for you. There are numerous model train sets of all different designs and sizes, including some made of LEGOs. There is even a functioning kiddies train ride.
  3. INSTITUTE OF MARINE MAMMAL STUDIES: The institute is dedicated to doing extensive research, conservation, and promote awareness about the various marinelife in the gulf. Most of the animals residing here are sick or injured and need special rehabilitation before being released back into the water. There are several educational programs available for visitors, like touch pools and fossil digs for kids.


  1. JONES PARK: Take a relaxing stroll through this park that has a great view of the gulf. You can spend a calm afternoon on the grass enjoying a picnic or simply watch the boats sail by. At night, there is a magnificent light display that will make the park feel magical.
  2. CROSBY ARBORETUM: Take a stroll and enjoy a breath of fresh air through this conservation that is focused on educating the community of the plants in the area. Aside from a wonderful hike, you can learn all about the different ecological displays that range from the dry savanna to aquatic wetlands. Most of the fauna and flora are native to the region and they are preserved here.
  3. WORLD’S LARGEST ROCKER: Taking a look at this enormous structure might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is still pretty fascinating to behold. After wondering what giant baby would sit here, grab a quick picture to commemorate your time in the city.


  1. STENNIS SPACE CENTER: This space center is an official facility for NASA and it is where most of the rockets are tested. The visitor’s center is equipped with interactive exhibits that are fun and educational. You can also hop on a bus and take a guided tour of the entire facility.
  2. GULF ISLANDS WATER PARK: What better way to have a fun time with the family and kids than spending the day at a water park with exciting slides and pools. The older parents can enjoy a relaxing ride on the laxy river, while the younger thrill-seekers can take a risk on the fast and tower-dropping slides. All the amenities needed are available, and you can even enjoy entertainment from DIsney characters.
  3. LYNN MEADOWS DISCOVERY CENTER: This center was the state’s first children’s museum and it has several interactive exhibits that aim to educate kids through fun, hands-on experiences. Not only are there science, history, and culture galleries, but there is also a library and several outdoor areas for playing.


  1. ZIP’N FUN ADVENTURE PARK: For those looking for a more thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience, there is nothing more exciting than ziplining through the air. Climb to the heights of trees and speed down the line with nothing but a harness holding you. There are even onstacle courses, rope bridges, swinging logs and more to entertain those who are more daring.
  2. SET SAIL AWAY: While you are on the coast, it would be best to set sail on a cruise or simply a day-trip on the water as you tour the gulf. The luxury yachts are comfortable and stocked with TVs, private cabins, a private chef, and everything else you’ll need for a romantic trip at sea. You can simply go on a short tour for a couple of hours, or choose to spend the whole day and night on the water.
  3. ISLAND VIEW CASINO: Try your luck at gambling at the casino along the gulf. Not only are there several table games and slots to choose from, but it is also a hotel with one of the best views in town. With delicious restaurants and well-stocked bars, this is definitely one of the best places to experience the nightlife of the city.

Gulfport will entertain you all day and all night. You can find a little something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed.

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