Things To Do In Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids is the second-largest city in the state of Iowa and it is named after the Cedar River along which it is located. While the city is mainly an economic hub for the entire state, it is also a thriving center for art and culture.


  1. NATIONAL CZECH & SLOVAK MUSEUM & LIBRARY: This incredible example of architecture and art is located in the quaint Czech Village. The museum has been awarded the National Medal for Museum and Library Services. You can find a large collection of paintings, ethnic costumes, music, and other artworks that celebrate Scandinavian freedom.
  2. BRUCEMORE: Walk through a magnificent 19th-century mansion to transport you to the past. The 21-bedroom mansion sits on 26 acres of land overlooking the main route into town. Brucemore has been labeled as the “grandest house west of Chicago” thanks to the renovations and preservation from prominent families that resided here. Take a tour to enjoy the style, furniture, and artworks in the house.
  3. CEDAR RAPIDS MUSEUM OF ART: The vast mix of cultures in the city makes for an exquisite collection of art. You can find the largest collection of art by Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, and Bertha Jaques here. While there are European paintings and Roman busts, the museum mostly focuses on 20th-century American artworks.


  1. INDIAN CREEK NATURE CENTER: The center focuses on promoting awareness of the environment through several educational programs. The center is open to the public, offering nature walks where you learn all about the diverse fauna and flora in the area. Visitors are also welcome to join beekeeping classes, hikes, fishing, nature workshops, and summer camps for the kids.
  2. CZECH VILLAGE: Cedar Rapids is home to many Scandinavian immigrants that have made this district their home. Get a taste of the different Eastern European flavors at the various restaurants in the area, admire their unique art at the various museums, and experience their culture during their many festivals.
  3. BEVER PARK: This little hidden gem is an animal-friendly area. The big open spaces make it a great place to take your dog for a walk. The kids will also enjoy the petting zoo where they can get up close and personal with various farm animals.


  1. VETERANS MEMORIAL STADIUM: What’s more fun and unifying that supporting the local baseball team? The stadium is home to the Cedar Rapids Kernels, a minor league baseball team. The stadium also acts as a venue for music concerts, meaning that the whole family will find entertainment here at any time of the year.
  2. NEWBO CITY MARKET: The market is the shopping hub of the city and you can find just about any store here. You will mostly find a variety of restaurants and cafes here, each with their own unique flavor, but you can also find boutique and craft stores with artworks made by locals. Fridays come alive with live music playing during the spring season.
  3. THE PLAYSTATION: If you have kids age 12 and below, then this is the perfect venue to let them exhaust their overflowing energy on this extensive playground. The playground consists of three elaborate levels that are even stable enough for parents to join in on the fun. Families can even participate in a game of laser tag and enjoy snacks and pizza afterward. You can even host birthday celebrations here.


  1. PARAMOUNT THEATER: The theater is listed on the National Register of Historic Places not only for its incredible architecture and interior design but also because it is one of the last movie palaces in the country. What was once a grand stage for performances, dancers, acrobats, and comedians, is now a venue for concerts, fundraisers, and dance recitals.
  2. MCGRATH AMPHITHEATER: This outdoor setting offers a great view of the Cedar Rapids skyline and it makes the perfect place to enjoy an open-air concert. Several music festivals, symphonies, and concerts take place here throughout the year, offering an experience where everyone is not too far from the stage.
  3. HAWKEYE DOWNS: You will find a variety of entertaining activities at this speedway and expo center. Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the motocross race series each year, while most people come to indulge their thrill-seeking experience on the go-kart tracks. Hawkeye Downs is also the venue for bingo nights, as well as several concerts and trade shows throughout the year.

Cedar Rapids is rich in art and culture that bring together a great blend of diverse people for a fun and unique experience.

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