The Other Slayers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Besides Buffy

Slayer is the title given to a female who is bestowed with powers from a demon from the ancient age. She is chosen by fate and is often known as the Chosen One. In the beginning, there was a single slayer at a time. After the death of the slayer, the mystical powers are inherited by a potential slayer.

The process was continued for thousands of years. But, it was in 2003 after Buffy Summers that caused the activation of many potential slayers concurrently. In this guide, you get an insight into the other slayers in the popular TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, except Buffy Summers.


Also known as the primeval one, Sineya was the original vampire slayer. She was the first among the line of vampire slayers.

Becoming the slayer – The three powerful mages called Shadowmen took away Sineya against her will in prehistoric Africa. Later, she became a powerful weapon in fighting with dark forces that took over the world. The Shadowmen took her to a cave, chained her, and used magical powers. Her spirit, heart and soul were imbued to a powerful shadow demon. Hence, the first slayer came to existence.

Life and death – Equipped with superhuman powers and guided by instincts, Sineya killed many demons and vampires. But, it is unfortunate that her own village people considered her as a demon and expelled from the village. With no guidance from the Shadowmen and shunned by her own people, Sineya transformed into a recluse.

She didn’t meet a Watcher but came across Guardians after some time. They gave Sineya the weapon that helped her slay the Old Ones, which walked around the earth. The particular slaying occurred in a place called Hellmouth, which later became famous as Sunnydale. She died eventually, and her powers were passed on to another girl. This way, the slayer line came into existence.

Encounter with Buffy Summers – Hundreds of years later following her death, the Scooby Gang invoked Sineya’s spirit by a spell to defeat Adam. Sineya didn’t support this and believed firmly that the Slayer should operate alone. However, she invaded the Gang through a dream with the goal to punish them.

Although she achieved success in killing Alexander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, and Rupert Giles, she was bested by the then Slayer, Buffy Summers. Buffy realized that it was a dream, and the fight could be stopped by waking up. Buffy mocked Sineya’s appearance and rejected the thought that the Slayer needs to work alone before waking up.

Abilities and powers – Being the First Slayer, Sineya used to possess superhuman capabilities such as durability, stamina, speed, agility, accelerated healing, reflexes, and great combat skills. Because of her direct connection with the Shadow demon, her superhuman abilities and powers were superior to other vampire slayers who made their appearance afterward. Also, she possessed the ability to project herself into the visions and dreams of other slayers, alongside the precognitive capabilities to foretell approaching dangers about to happen.

Xin Rong:

Xin Rong was the Chinese Slayer who remains active throughout the Boxer Rebellion of the 20th century. She was put to death by the vampire Spike in the year 1990.

Abilities and powers – Xin Rong was a Chinese woman who lived in Peking, China. She operated for a long time as a chosen vampire hunter popularly known as a Slayer. Xin Ring remained active from the late 1800s to the early 1900s in China. She played a massive role in whipping out the vampires along with her brothers in the Boxer Rebellion.

Being a Slayer, Xin Rong was bestowed with improved powers that aren’t seen in humans. She had astonishing stamina, healing powers, reflexes, speed, and immense strength. Also, she can build a psychic connection with other Slayers in the line. She had notable combat skills, which were very effective in a combination of a sword. Unarmed martial arts is another great ability of Xin Rong.

Xin Rong biography – During the Boxer Rebellion in the year 1900, the Whirlwind were stationed in Peking (now Beijing), China. Spike later stated that he was impressed and obsessed at the same time with the Slayers. Also, he wanted Xin Rong to fight him. Xin and Spike fought in an old Buddhist temple.

Xin Rong somehow managed to give Spike a permanent scar a few inches over his left eyebrow. She did that with her sword. Xin was a skilled fighter and performed brilliantly with her sword. The Slayer had pinned the vampire up against the temple wall and was ready to stake him. But, something happened there.

An explosion outside the Buddhist temple rocked the whole building and Xin wasn’t in control of the situation. Taking advantage of the situation, Spike knocked her and took the stake from her hand. He grabbed her, and bite the neck.

Later, when Buffy Summers asked Spike how he killed Xin, he explained thoroughly. Spike explained to Buffy Summers that by no means a Slayer should stay away from her weapon. He told her that he was able to get his.

Xin Rong’s last words were for her mother, and she told that to Spike in the Chinese language. She said to tell her mother that she was sorry. However, Spike replied that he didn’t understand Chinese. Spike threw her body on the ground and left her in the temple.

Nikki Wood:

Based out of New York City during the 1970s, Nikki Wood is another Slayer featured in the popular TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was among the few Slayers who became a mother. She died in 1977 battling with Spike.

Abilities and power – Nikki Wood had all the powers and capabilities that a Slayer should possess. Nikki had superhuman abilities such as endurance, reflexes, agility, speed, and the power to heal in moments. Also, she can have prophetic dreams. When it comes to combat skills, Nikki Wood might have been superior compared to other Slayers.

Even better, she can be compared to Buffy Summers. This is evident from the fact that Spike once mentioned that there is a similarity between the fighting styles of Buffy and Nikki. However, Spike complimented Nikki for being resourceful and cunning.

Biography – Nikki Wood was born in the year 1955. She was a Slayer, trained by a watcher named Crowley. During the early 70s, Nikki discovered that a vampire Le Banc smuggled a giant bat along with some vampires. Later, Nikki slew Le banc and flew the flying mammal to an on-coming train.

Nikki gave birth to her son, Robin. Crowley made arrangements for Nikki and her child to go into hiding and lead a normal life. Nikki and Robin lived in Mexico and South America for some time. But, she couldn’t resist her calling and returned to New York with her duty as the Slayer.

In 1977, Spike was able to track Nikki down and wanted to fight her for the first time. They met in Central Park while Robin watched them from behind a park bench. The fight came to a still and Spike fled the area. However, he complimented her of the beautiful coat.

Death – It was in the same year that both Spike and Nikki had their final showdown inside a subway train. She was able to pin Spike with repeated punches. But, when the train went through the tunnel, the vampire took advantage of the situation and switched positions. Spike strangled her and broke her neck.

He removed the coat from her body and wore it for the following 26 years. Crowley took Robin and raised him to fight like Nikki. In 2003, Robin shifted to Sunnydale where he teamed up with Buffy Summers. There he learned from the First Evil, disguised as Nikki, that Spike killed his mother.

Kendra Young:

After Buffy Summers died temporarily, a new Slayer got activated, a Jamaican woman called Kendra Young. She was studious than Buffy. Kendra was killed within a year after being activated in 1997 by Drusilla.

Early life – The parents of Kendra Young gave her to Slayer training at a very tender age after she was recognized as a potential Slayer. She was guided by the Watcher Sam Zabuto. When she was activated, Kendra couldn’t even remember the name of her parents. Zabuto was strict and forbid her from enjoying a social life.

After lots of preparation, Kendra Young was called in when the Master took Buffy Summers’s life. Although Alexander Harris, a friend of Buffy, managed to bring her back to life with the help of CPR, her death activated another Slayer. This way, both Kendra and Buffy co-existed for the first time.

Personality – Kendra Young has more textbook knowledge on slaying compared to Buffy. She got that from the rigorous training from her Watcher and from studying the Slayer Handbook. Unlike Buffy, Kendra knew how to harness power as her superiors have instructed. Kendra insisted to maintain a secret identity, which she learned from the handbook. Because of the upbringing, Kendra acted weirdly around men and have difficulty in looking in their eyes.

Abilities and power – Kendra Young was bestowed with all the powers of a Slayer such as stamina, speed, agility, and so on. In addition, she possessed an organized and effective fighting style developed over years of training. That helped to take out Angel, a 200-year old vampire, and a one-on-one match with Buffy Summers. Buffy noticed her lack of emotion along with improvisation as signs of weakness.

Death – As aforementioned about the weaknesses discovered by Buffy, it leads to the downfall of Kendra Young. Also, she had trouble while fighting group battles because of these weaknesses. Battling with Drusilla’s goons and struggling, Drusilla decided to fight her one on one. Drusilla figured out the lack of improvisation and managed to reach her throat. He hypnotized her and slit her throat. After Kendra’s breathed her last, Faith Lehane got activated as the new Slayer, who was the last of the slayer line.

Faith Lehane:

With the Slayer line passing through Kendra Young, her death activated Faith Lehane. She was from Boston. She was activated in the year 1998 and remained the last one in the line until it was abolished in 2003.

A brief intro – Faith Lehane was born in Boston, Massachusetts, her parents were both alcoholics. In short, Faith had a broken family. Faith didn’t have friends in high school and later dropped out of it. In 1998, following the demise of Kendra Young, Faith Lehane gained full power and became the Slayer.

It appears that Faith experienced lots of memorable events and battles as being the Slayer. Also, she managed to get a Watcher by her side. She was arrested after killing 3 vampires who killed a bus full of Baptists. She was hugged by a preacher despite being naked with a temperature of 180 degrees.

Personality – Quite different from Kendra Young, who was Buffy Summers’ polar opposite, Faith is pretty much similar to Buffy. Although Faith was raised in an abusive family and suffered from different issues, Buffy grew up in a home surrounded by family and friends. Faith enjoyed drinking, partying, and having sex.

Faith displays flirtatious dance around men while wanting to have fun and relax. She proved that she is a bit impulsive. Also, she had several issues relating to parental figures due to being raised by an alcoholic, neglecting parents when she was young.

Strengths and powers – Because Faith is a Slayer, she boasts of certain superhuman powers such as quick reflexes, durability, endurance, sheer speed, and so on. Also, she possessed healing abilities to their best. During her early days, Faith was more involved in a brawler-type style of fighting compared to Buffy.

Faith tends to be more reckless and aggressive regardless of agility and speed as Buffy did. Because they have identical powers, Faith and Buffy were evenly matched in their brawls. Over time, she stabilized herself around the fighting styles.


It is evident that on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is a woman who would always be the Chosen One. And, when one slayer dies, it has to be replaced with another slayer. So, those were some of the other Slayers from the TV series besides Buffy Summers.

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