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I knew what I wanted to express in my creations. It’s a good thing I have such an attentive friend and client like you who share my artsy and fashion sense.

I have been humbled by your fascination with my projects in graphic and web design. You applauded when my internet marketing strategies increased your market share. And you liked the way I retouched and enhanced your best angles in my photography editing.

Thank you for your trust and confidence.

Three years ago, I semi-retired. I felt I have done my share in making the world a more sensible place for creativity to thrive, due to clients like you who eventually became my friends. It’s just that I wanted to relax and spend more time with my family.

But Covid 19 turned the world outside down…and I had to look in.

Face masks were made mandatory in my hometown Melbourne, Australia. The fashion sense in me was dissatisfied with the available designs available for pulmonary and facial protection. They looked too staid and simple for my taste, and I feel I could play a role in this and make people look better in more fashionable masks.

The Label Mia was born out of this nagging need for vibrancy and color in a new normal world of too much caution and fear. I came up with my new ideas for masks and I sense I have created a whole new market niche of customization. And as a pleasant turn of events, friends were also requesting me to imprint their own pets into my creations.

Imagine this whole new bespoke industry started with Covid 19 and I am so astonished by the whole idea of letting something so ugly inspire me to transform something so functional and useful and at the same time, also brings out the beauty of the person who uses it.

Creativity knows no boundaries, and soon I was also creating customized mugs and socks. Who knows what I will be creating tomorrow and the next few weeks. I just know that my creations have important roles to play in this crazy world we live in.

I live in Melbourne, Australia but the miracles of the internet makes you closer than you think. If you think that my services would be useful to your own industry, please do let me know through my Instagram and Facebook accounts. You could also email me through

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