The Four Best Teas For Weight Loss.


Numerous research studies have found that drinking tea can help in losing weight. The research shows that Teas have a kind of flavonoid termed catechins that can increase a person’s metabolic rate, this in turn allows the body to break down fat quicker. Additionally, the caffeine in tea can increase the amount of energy that the body utilizes, this in turn causes the body to lose more calories These two substances work great in combination for losing and maintaining the weight by preventing an increase in metabolism after losing a couple of pounds. Here is a list of some of the best tea that can help in reaching your weight loss goal:


Green tea leaves is high in the most potent type of catechin, called EGCG. Numerous scientific studies have concluded that people who took an EGCG-rich green tea extract would lose a great amount of weight, like around 3 pounds in 3 months. However, these tea extracts can be really risky. For example, green tea extracts that are found in weight-loss supplements have been shown to cause grave liver damage.


Matcha is a Chinese term that is also referred to as “powdered tea.” This traditional green tea is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, these polyphenols have long been found to help prevent heart disease and cancer, it can also help regulate blood sugar level. Also like most tea, another substance that can be found in Matcha is EGCG, which has been shown to boost metabolism.


Pu-erh tea is a traditional, fermented type of tea, that is indigenous to the Yunnan province of China. This type of tea is made by oxidized pu-erh leaves, that are first dried and rolled. Numerous studies have found that the daily consumption of this type of tea can aid in weight loss due to loss of appetite and a general loss of fat cells in the body. This type of tea is best brewed from a few loose-leaf, the leaflets should be first rinsed to remove any impurities, then you should boil those leaflets for approximately 2 mins, the amount of sugar is a preference.


This type of tea is mostly served in Chinese restaurants and is often used to make iced tea. Black tea leaves are normally fermented — this is a procedure that changes it chemically to increase the caffeine content. Also, a scientific study done on rats proposes that compounds called polyphenols that are found in black tea can prevent fat absorption in the intestines.


Most people drink tea for its calming effects and great taste, however, not many people drink tea for its weight loss benefits. All it takes is two cups of brewed tea a day lose a couple of pounds of body fat. It’s worth considering, if you like tea, then switch from a high caloric drink to instead drinking a cup of tea. One should not expect miraculous results to come in a teacup. Ideal weight goals necessitate a full lifestyle change.


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