The Five People Who Will Make You Rich And Successful

Do you want to know why some people are successful while others are not? Look at the people they spend most of their time with. The people you hang out with will determine your chances of success in life.

While Abraham Lincoln proudly declares that he can chop down a tree in six hours by spending the first four hours sharpening the ax, Dr. David McClelland tells us that people will determine about 95 percent of your success. He was a famous psychologist at Harvard University.

The Dream Team Of Success

You can indeed achieve great success in life if you set the right goals and have the discipline to follow Lincoln’s advice. But, success will be much easier to grab if you have the following types of people around you.

The Mentor

You probably have that one person you look up to when you were younger. Pop culture calls them idols. They are the ones that we follow for almost anything, from the clothes we wear to the way we talk and conduct ourselves. But, a mentor is more than that. He or she is someone we run to for advice. They are the ones who have gone the road ahead of us. They can help us achieve our goals because they have been there and done everything they needed to do the reach those goals.

The Mark

You must have often heard of that phrase, X marks the spot. These are the people that you want to influence to reach your goal. It could be a potential client or an investor for your business, or your colleagues and employees at work. You will want these people to agree with you so that you can move forward with your goal. In business, you call these people your potential customers or target market. Dale Carnegie is one good mentor who can help you hit your mark. He wrote a book on how to influence these people.

The Sidekick

What do you notice about your favorite comic superhero? Yes, that is right. They always someone behind their back. Well, except maybe before Superman. After all, he is Superman. But, all superheroes, and even villains, have sidekicks. Perhaps what people often say is true. Two heads are better than one, and it always takes two to tango. Even the Bible tells us that. We all need someone to lift us up when we fall. That is what sidekicks are for. A sidekick is someone in whom we can put our trust and confidence. He or she could a spouse, a trusted employee, or an accountability partner. Simply put, they are your best friends. Well, I guess Superman had Lois Lane.

The Connector

This one is pretty obvious. This person connects you to your goal or your target. He or she will bring you to hit your mark. They create the bridge that you can pass through to reach success. They do not have to be gifted with persuasion skills. They just know a lot of people. Look out for those people who love going out and meeting people every day. That person could be your connector.

The Mentee

If a mentor is someone we look up to, a mentee is someone who does otherwise. This person is someone who looks up to us. They are now the ones who come to us for advice. That is just a fact of life. Success is like a chain. Everyone starts out as mentees influenced by someone better who has gone ahead of them. By and by, as we learn from our mentors and move forward with our journey, someone will see our progress. They will be so attracted to our success, they will want to follow us. It feels gratifying to see your mentees succeed because they follow what you have taught them.

Perhaps leaving a legacy is every man’s innate desire. We all want to do something that will create an impact in the lives of other people. Success is but a journey, and being successful means having people following our trail on this journey. Success indeed feels happier when it is shared. The most successful people are indeed those who have helped others become successful.


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