The best program to colorize photos

We’ve all been there, checking out an old album and wondering just how would those old black and white photos look in modern times. While black and white has it’s own allure when it’s our first time seeing those treasured family pictures we can’t help but feel like we are missing out on the complete experience. Of course nowadays that doesn’t have to be the case.

Technology keeps advancing with every passing year and right now it’s possible to colorize any old photo in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to keep wondering how something used to look when you can easily bring any picture to the 21st century online. And bringing back color to those precious memories can be the perfect gift for your family. That said there is definitely one software that excels at colorizing pictures, and that undeniably is Picture Colorizer.

Picture Colorizer is a software that is 100% made for colorizing old black and white photos, but also to do so in a way that is easy to grasp and fully apt for beginners. It’s key features are speed an being automatic and those are great news for any potential user. While there are many software suites capable of colouring old pictures this is often a manual process. A manual, long, taxing and complicated process. Photo manipulation is an incredibly vast topic and while experts can bring color on their own to any picture for the rest of us it’s a bit beyond our skills.

Picture Colorizer on the other hand is fully made with everyday users on mind. Whether you are an expert or someone who does not understand photography the program will make sure to do it all for you. Thanks to it’s advanced AI technology which can identify what colors to use in a matter of seconds. That’s the real appeal of Picture Colorizer, professional results without the need of a long and time consuming process.

Using Picture Colorizer is as simple as installing it, there’s no more tricks to it. Once you have it properly installed and opened you’ll be greeted with a straightforward interface with 3 main options, Add, Remove, and Colorize. All you have to do is click on Add, browse for your favorite picture and then click Colorize. The program will begin the colorize process on it’s own and in a matter of minutes at most you’ll have a colorized version of your picture, looking as if it was always in color to begin with. The right side options allow you to change some of the details and use filters as well, but colorizing itself only takes 2 clicks, and that’s great.

The main benefit of relying on Picture Colorizer is of course the ease of use, it’s incredibly fast to use Picture Colorizer and the results look every bit as stunning as other more complicated options out there. And of course a huge benefit is that while colorizing picture manually there is a risk of using inaccurate colors when it comes to Colorizer the AI has so much experience on the topic that you can rest assured the colors will be spot on.

All in all you are getting accurate and high quality colorization for any picture, both for free and with no hassle at all. And when you take all of that into account no other program can really compete with Picture Colorizer.

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