Suggested alternatives to beef consommé

1- Beef broth.

Beef broth is one of the most famous substitutes for consommé. It can be done in different ways, the best option is to do it in your own home using everything you need, such as the bones of the cow itself, along with the vegetables that each one considers necessary. Another option we have is to buy it in the supermarket in packages as already prepared broth, or in cubes to give flavour to meals.

Of course, you should keep in mind that the best opportunity is to make the broth yourself since it will offer us a very good flavour

To make a good homemade beef broth, you must cook the bones of the cow for about 30 minutes. Later, we are going to fill the container with all kinds of vegetables such as celery, carrot or chopped onion among other options. Thus, during the time that you stipulate depending on the flavour you want to transmit.

This methodology will allow us to have a gelatinous texture within the liquid itself.

2- The beef broth cooked in a pot.

The beef broth from scratch is the most suitable alternative to consommé without a doubt. This is because it provides us with all the flavour we need for our meals.

The meat profile between the consommé and the broth is very similar, however, the broth has a lower flavour intensity. This process will be solved by cooking it over low heat for half an hour. It is because the liquid will evaporate and the flavour will increase.

3- The mushroom consommé.

This consommé has a large number of variants, it can be made with meat, but also with cannons or fresh vegetables.

If you are a vegan, you can introduce all kinds of silver and vegetables to alleviate the use of meat. In this way, this consommé is a good option to try to match the flavour of the meat in such a way that it is not necessary to introduce anything of the same beef.

An example is the preparation of consommé with mushrooms, the combination to be used will be white mushrooms, it will be the best option to give more flavour.

4- How are we going to make that beef consommé.

It is a very simple option to do at home and it will not take us a great deal of time. You must bear in mind that for the flavour to be the best possible, you will have to buy all the fresh produce in a butcher shop, instead of taking it packaged in the supermarket. In this way, we are going to use the best parts to make our broth. Now we see you tell how we will do it and what we will need for it.

4.1- Ingredients.

– 4 egg whites.

– 1 tablespoon of black pepper.

– 4 stalks of celery.

– 4 tomatoes.

– Crane to taste.

– 1 tablespoon of salt.

– 1 branch of rosemary.

– 1 branch of thyme,

– 6 cups of beef broth.

4.2- Methodology.

The way to make this consommé is as follows:

– Add the egg and the pepper in a bowl, we will beat it until obtaining the foam.

– We go on to cut the vegetables, in this case, the celery, tomatoes and ground meat.

– We will put all the ingredients in a pot to heat it over low heat. You are going to have to move everything from time to time. When it starts to boil, you have to lower the heat so that it cooks for a little over half an hour.

– We will remove them from the heat and pour the liquid with a strainer.

– It is seasoned with whatever we want to serve it warm.

5- Difference between meat broth and consommé.

There are some differences between consommé and meat broth, they are the following:

– The colour: the meat broth has a brownish colour and a cloudy liquid, something that is achieved by simmering with the vegetables and meat.

РThe consistency: the broth is much finer than the consomm̩.

РTaste: the consomm̩ will taste better than the meat.

РConcentration: the consomm̩ is more concentrated than the broth. This will be seen with the naked eye.

РUses: a consomm̩ is a good option for an aperitif, or as a preparation for other dishes. The meat broth to make sauces or soups among other possibilities.

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