Stonework, pathways and retaining walls

Stone has been used extensively for construction and landscaping since ancient times. Many people owning properties with gardens and landscaping in Sioux City are preferring to have their pathways, walls and other structures constructed from stone instead of concrete because of the many advantages of using stone instead of concrete. One of the main advantage of stone compared to concrete is that water will drain away naturally when it rains or snows, it will not accumulate.

Some of the different stone work services offered by Sioux City landscaping are described


A large number of structures in the garden or landscaped area can be made from stone. Pathways,stairs, sculptures, hardscapes, ponds, fountains, are a few of the stone structures. Different types of stones like sandstone, granite, quartz, bluestone and limestone are used for the stonework depending on the design required and budget of the property owner. We supply and install the stonework after finalizing the design.

Stone Pathways

Most gardens have a large variety of herbs, plants, shrubs, trees and the property owner or others should be able to access all the plants without having to walk over any plant. So most gardens have pathways which allow people to reach the different parts of the garden. We design the stone pathways for the garden, finalize the layout. We also procure the specified type of stone for the pathways, install it and inspect it to ensure that the pathway is of the desired quality. The pathway will be sturdy and durable, level and wide enough so that a person can walk safely. If required, interlocking stone pathways can be installed. Sand is used to fill the gaps between the stone to

Custom Stonework

We also design and install custom stonework like statues, patios, fountains, shelters, pillars based on the requirement of the property owners. Often the stonework is selected to match the design of the home, hotel or other building. Based on the design, we procure the required type of stone, of the required size, and install the structure using suitable materials.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls made from stone are extremely popular in homes, residential and commercial properties because of the many advantages compared to metal and wooden walls. Unlike wooden fencing which will rot after some time, and metal fencing which will get rusted, the walls are extremely durable and will last for hundreds of years if they are installed properly. They also require very less maintenance. Based on the height of the wall and design, suitable stone will be used for constructing the wall. It will be installed after considering structural physics so that it remains in place for decades.

Outdoor Living

Many people enjoy outdoor living, especially when the weather is pleasant. Hence the Landscape of the gardens for properties in Iowa are designed so that people can spend time comfortably outdoors. Usually the garden will contain one or more benches or seats made from stone or other material where people can relax. The garden may also have one or more tables made from stone for having meals outdoors.

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