Steps to follow before you call a 24-hr emergency plumber

Plumbing is essential for people to live in any home and any plumbing problem is very inconvenient. Often the plumbing problems are not major, like a dripping tap or damp walls. However, in some cases, a major plumbing problem can make it difficult to live in a house. Additionally the water leakage can damage expensive furniture, appliances, flooring, furnishing and other items. If the problem is noticed during working hours on a week day, it is possible to get a plumber quickly without paying additional fees. However, if the problem occurs at night or on weekends, the home owner has to hire the services of a 24-hour plumber to get the problem fixed immediately.

The main types of plumbing emergencies are related to broken or burst pipe, overflowing or clogged drains. Home owners should be aware that though the 24 hour plumber Singapore service is very convenient for getting their problem fixed immediately, their charges will be far higher than the standard rates which a plumber will charge. Some home owners with a limited income, will find that these services will be a strain on their budget. Hence before calling an Emergency plumber, it is advisable to take some basic steps which will help to decide whether the emergency service is actually required

Shut off the water

The main cause of flooding in a house or room is because one or more pipes is leaking or has burst. So to prevent further flooding, it is advisable to shut off the water supply to the entire house for some time. In most houses there is a main water supply valve, which controls the water supply to the entire house. Additionally depending on the plumbing design, it may be possible to shut off the water supply to specific sections of the house or plumbing fixtures. Everyone in the house should know where the main water supply valve is located, so that it can be easily shut off in an emergency. In case of flooding due to clogged drain, shutting off the water supply, will prevent further flooding.

Turn off your water heater

The water heater is connected to the water supply and electric power supply, so if there is any flooding the water heater should be switched off immediately and preferably disconnected from the mains power supply. If the electric wiring is damaged or wet, it can cause an electric shock in some cases. A short circuit can also cut off the power supply for the home, so the water heater should be disconnected at the earliest.

Diagnose the problem/urgency

After shutting off the water supply to the house, usually it becomes easier to find out the cause of the problem. If it is mainly because of a burst or leaking pipe, the water will drain away if the drainage system is not clogged. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the drainage system, the family members can try to unclog it themselves, removing any dirt or plastic, which is visibly clogging the drains. If the family is able to fix the problem themselves or has access to another bathroom/toilet, they can afford to wait till a normal plumber is available.

Check with the civic authorities

In a few cases, the problem of dirty water, no water, or choked drains may be due to problem of the civic drainage or water supply system. The water supply, drainage system in each house is connected to Singapore’s underground water supply and sewerage system. Sometimes the pipes can get damaged due to an accident or heavy rains may wash away some sections of the piping. Usually when these problems occur they are fixed quickly within a day. So before calling the plumber, it is advisable to check whether the entire area is affected by the plumbing problem.

Call in an emergency plumber

If only a particular home is affected and cannot afford to wait for long for the problem to be fixed, the family will have to contact the Emergency plumbing service at the earliest. It is advisable to keep a list of emergency plumbers in the area, so that they can be easily contacted whenever required. To get the best deal, the home owner should explain the plumbing problem faced and ask for a quote for repairs.

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