Sprinkler, drip irrigation system installation and repair

Though property owners may invest money in planting shrubs, trees, lawn care, the lawn, plants and trees will only flourish if they receive adequate water. Without water most plants will quickly wilt and dry. It is also important to ensure that the garden has proper drainage, else the water logging will damage the roots of the plants, causing root rot. Manually watering all the plants and trees in the landscaped area, lawn is time consuming and tedious. It can also lead to soil erosion. Hence Sioux City Landscape offers comprehensive Irrigation and drainage services for commercial and residential premises in Sioux city.

French Drains

Water will usually flow from areas which are at a height to lower areas, resulting in water logging. This can be a problem if the water accumulates around the borders of the building, damaging the foundation. Also if the water does not drain properly, the lawns and other areas will be soggy, and the plant roots may get damaged. Hence we recommend the Installation of French drains, so that the excess water is properly drained. This involves digging one or more trenches, installation of the perforated pipe for water drainage and filling the trench with gravel so that excess water can percolate through the gravel.

Drip Irrigation

One of the preferred options for irrigating larger gardens and properties is drip irrigation. In this form of irrigation, a network of pipes is laid out in the garden, so that the water will slowly drip out to reach the roots of the plant. Since only a drop of water is released at a time, near the roots of the plant, less water is wasted due to evaporation and or from being drained away. Another advantage of drip irrigation that soil erosion is greatly reduced. We design and install customized drip irrigation systems for our clients based on the layout of their garden, and the plants which they are growing

Sprinkler System

Usually it is difficult to ensure that all areas of the lawn or garden are getting the water they require while watering the plants manually. Also at times, more water may be used, resulting in soil erosion or water logging. Hence to ensure that the lawn and other garden areas get the water they require, we can install a suitable sprinkler system. We will check the size and layout of the lawn and garden, the type of grass in the lawn, herbs, plants and trees grown, and based on the water they require, a suitable sprinkler system will be designed and installed.

Irrigation Repairs

Since the garden irrigation systems in Sioux City are installed outdoors, they are more likely to get damaged due to a number of reasons resulting in wastage of water. In other cases, some areas will not receive water. Heavy rainfall, snowfall, storms, can wash away components or sections of the irrigation system. In other cases, outdoor pests like mice, rats, crows may damage some components of the system. Branches or trees may fall on the irrigation system, breaking it.After being used for some years, some parts are likely to break due to wear and tear. We offer irrigation system maintenance and irrigation repairs for all types of systems to ensure that the irrigation system is functioning properly.

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