Smartphone photographer

Many people enjoy taking photographs and are able to take good quality photographs. However they are usually only taking photographs as a hobby for personal use. Commercial photography for events like marriages, business events or journalism is usually associated with heavy photography equipment which the photographer carries with him. so many people do not want to take photographs commercially since they do not want to carry the heavy cameras and accessories. This equipment is also very expensive, and most people who are interested in photography are unable to afford the equipment. However, the quality of the camera in the smartphones has improved greatly in the last few years. So now photographers can use their smartphone to take photographs for events using the smarty platform.

To become a photographer using the Smarty platform, the applicant has to fill a form at the website. In addition to providing all the contact details, the applicant has to provide details of the smartphone which he is using. He should specify how many phones he is using to take the photograph. The applicant should also specify whether he has experience in taking still photography, making videos or both. He can also specify if he is specializing in any particular type of photography, like food, portraits, event coverage, journalism, so that assignments can be allocated accordingly.

Additionally the photographer should also specify his availability for photography assignments. It can vary from one or two events in a week to one or two events in a month, depending on the schedule of the photographer. The assignments are usually within thirty minutes distance from the main location of the photographer. The photographer should also specify whether he has other equipment for taking better quality photos like tripod, gimbals and external lighting equipment. Information of other accessories like lighting and background will also be appreciated.

The applicant should also specify whether he has any experience in using software for editing photos and videos. If yes, the software name should be provided. Some information on the background of the photographer, how he learned to take photos with the smartphone should be provided. Additionally the photographer should provide a link to his Instagram and Facebook profile so that it can be reviewed, to check the quality of the photos. The information submitted will be reviewed and the approved applicants will be informed about opportunities available.

Usually for many events especially personal events, one person has to take photos, due to which he is usually not present in most of the photos which are taken. Many of these photos are preserved and used many years later. Smarty believes that all those who participate in the event should be present in the photo, and the photos, videos should be made by a photographer. Usually many event organizers find it difficult to hire full time professional photographers, since they are very expensive. Using the Prezent platform, event organizers can hire the Smarty photographers at an affordable rate, which starts from 120 Israeli Shekels per hour. The event organizer will usually get all the photos and videos of the event within six hours.

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