Smartbond vs. Olaplex Product Review

Healthy hair bonds are essential in giving your hair strength, structure, and a smooth look. When your hair bonds are damaged, your hair will be weak, frizzy, and dry. Beauty product companies have developed technologies to solve the problem by restoring hair bonds to their original, organic state. The two hair bond repair brands that we will compare are Olaplex and Smartbond.

Olaplex is a newer company starting from humble beginnings. Olaplex was started in 2014 in California in a home garage. Although relatively new, Olaplex developed into a thriving company with a very viable hair bond strengthening product.

L’Oréal Professional is the developer of Smartbond. Unlike Olaplex, L’Oréal brand has been around since 1909, originating in France. L’Oréal is a highly trusted, worldwide personal care company that develops almost every product for the beauty industry.

Olaplex products gave a patented active chemistry development that effectively improves the structure and strengthens the hair bonds.

Smartbond contains salon-grade technology that also protects and strengthens the hair bonds to give your hair a healthy look.

Olaplex is available and affordable to the general public. If you go on its website, you can shop now and browse to see Olaplex products and prices.

Smartbond, on the other hand, is relatively exclusive to the general public. Two out of three of the Smartbond products can only be found and used at select hair salons. The third product, the Conditioner, can be used by the everyday consumer, but will only be sold in hair salons.

Olaplex products are for a variety of hair types. These hair types range from permed to bleached, and heat-damaged to dry hair. Some other hair types also include heat-damaged hair. No matter how your hair is damaged, Olaplex will fix your hair bonds.

Smartbond rejuvenates different hair types, ranging from damaged hair, sensitized hair, dull hair, colored, highlighted, or bleached hair. Smartbond, however, emphasizes its use when dying or bleaching hairs.

Olaplex has a wide selection of products that are available to the public. These products currently include holiday gift sets, including their Holiday Hair Fix Kit. They also include trial sets called the Hair Repair Trial Kit. They also have a wide selection of additional products that can be used alone or combined. These include the No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment and the No.3 Hair Perfector.

Smartbond has a three-step procedure: Additive, Pre-Shampoo, and Conditioner. The Additive is mixed with the hair coloring, lightening, and bleaching product by your hairdresser to protect and strengthen your bonds. Your hairdresser will then use a Pre-Shampoo to wash out any remaining coloring chemicals and remove any weak bonds. You will then use your Conditioner at home to continue to maintain the salon-quality hair for weeks.

We conclude that both Olaplex and Smartbond products are worthwhile products to try to repair your damaged hair bonds. Although Smartbond is only found in select hair salons, find the nearest hairdresser that will offer this product so that you can rejuvenate the hair to the level that you need. You can also accompany this treatment by purchasing Olaplex products to further strengthen and smoothen your hair by repairing the hair bonds inside out. No matter what product you use, both will be highly effective in giving your hair a healthy look.

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