Show Off Your Bowling Team Logo With A Lapel Pin

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Bowling pride is a great thing to share with the world, and now you can by using a lapel pin with your team’s logo. It is a good addition to any team uniform.

So how do you get bowling team lapel pins? Bowling teams usually have eight players which gives you the option of ordering from a smaller company. It will depend on if you want to support budding artists or go for the cheapest options.

You can choose to order from an individual artist that usually ends up costing more but has the benefit of helping an artist fulfill their dream, or you can go with a large company that offers small order sizes. These are rarer, and sometimes the cost is much more expensive, so you will want to look at the different sites that provide sports-related team pin orders because they tend to have the best prices. This article explains what you need to know about getting your bowling team some amazing enamel logo pins.

Creating Your Logo Art

Before your pin logos can be ordered, you need to have a team logo that is pared down into a form that will look good on the enamel. If you have a team logo on your uniforms and want a version of that, then you will want to make sure that there are not too many unique colors and avoid any delicate details. Broad strokes of the design are best whenever possible.

You can also ask the pin manufacturer for assistance turning your team logo into a pin. Most of the larger companies have designers on staff specifically to help clients out with these kinds of things. There is a section during ordering when you upload your artwork where you can ask for specific assistance.

Sports-Specific Customizable Pin Companies

Some companies cater to a pretty specific crowd, and sports-related pins are all the rage and have been for decades, which means there are a few options. One good example is Sports Pins, which supplies pins for teams around the world. They offer all kinds of customized enamel lapel pins and other customizable options for your bowling team (e.g., wristbands, trophies, coins, etc.).

Enamel Vs. Button Pins

You can get enamel pins or button pins for your team. The main difference between them is going to be quality and price. Button pins are easier to damage and can be much cheaper. They are also easy to make yourself if you want to skip the ordering process altogether and make your team logos.

Enamel pins, on the other hand, look more professional and are comparatively expensive. They are also usually smaller and meant to be worn on the lapel of your uniform, so if you want an easily visible logo pin, then a button pin might be the right choice. However, if you want a sleek accessory, then enamel is the way to go.

Price Difference

The price variation in bulk orders is usually around $1 per pin between button and enamel. Suppose you are ordering in smaller numbers, then the price difference between the two increases. For example, you can request a single customized button pin for $1.50 or a single enamel pin for an average of $10.

Button pins are also relatively easy to make with a kit at home, so you can spend $30 on a kit and then make dozens of unique buttons for your team, including ones with logos, bowling imagery, and team in-jokes. They are certainly more versatile if you are dealing with a smaller budget.


For some people, especially older individuals, it is easier to put on a button pin because the safety-pin backing is larger and does not require working with a small clutch that is easy to drop and lose. If you are wearing the pin to an event and want other teams to see it clearly, it might be better to go with a button pin since making larger sizes is less complicated.

Types of Enamel Lapel Pin Available

If you choose to go for an enamel lapel pin option, then you have a few different ones to choose from. You can get soft or hard enamel or die-cut, which has no enamel paint coloring it in and is metal with the logo cut out. The difference between soft and hard enamel is in the number of paint layers with hard enamel having several layers making the paint level with the metal cut-out and soft enamel being a single layer creating a dimpled effect between the sections of metal.

Which is Best For Bowling?

There is a proud history of bowling team pins, and both enamel and button pins are featured heavily among them. The decision should be based on how much you are willing to spend and how long you would like them to last. Overall, the enamel pin will look the cleanest, and you can never go wrong with a crisp, smooth appearance when dominating a sport.

Options for Backings

There are around a half-dozen popular backing options, including clutch, magnetic, locked, and safety-pin among others. Your choices may be narrowed down significantly depending on where you choose to get your pin made. Most sites that offer customizations for small orders do not have as many features and options as the ones made for ordering hundreds of pins.

Ordering Before a Bowling Event

Everyone wants to look great when they are out meeting new teams and participating in competitive events, so if you want your pins to arrive in time for a particular date, then you need to plan ahead. There are a few things to think about. If you choose to get a mock-up made first, then it will take longer, any additional features will make the process take more time, and shipment during Covid-19 is uncertain.

When to Order

Because shipment times are currently not entirely reliable, it is best to try and make the order well in advance rather than relying on a more expensive rush shipment to get it to you on time. Pins take between a few weeks and a month to make and arrive, depending on where in the world you order from. Factories in another country will take longer to deliver your product than a local individual or smaller company.

How Many to Order

While it might be more expensive, it is usually a good idea to order 1-3 more pins than you need. They are small accessories, easy to lose, and accidentally break, and that means you might want to have a few backups on hand in case any of your teammates need them before an event. If something happens during shipment and one gets broken, you will not have to wait for the replacement to arrive before your whole group can show off their new logo pin.

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