Sex Doll Brothel, a Growing Trend you Should Not Neglect

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Sex doll brothels are a growing trend in Europe breathing new life into what is known as the “world’s oldest profession”. There are already brothels such as these open in the U.K., Paris and Italy which allow people to choose doll over a human liver, and their managers point to the numerous advantages of the sex doll brothel industry, which they say is ethical as it doesn’t exploit women nor pose risks for customers worried about STDs.

Sofia Bettiza of BBC News traveled with her crew to Turin, Northern Italy, to visit a brothel filled with sex dolls, where clients pay 80 euros per 30 minutes to spend time with lifelike silicone creatures of all body shapes, hair colors and fashion styles. The clients say that spending time with a soft, silicone doll is more satisfying for them than a prostitute because they aren’t judged by the dolls for their fantasies, desires or looks. One customer told Bettiza that his girlfriend does not consider this as cheating as there are “no emotions” involved.

Christopher, the manager, says, “we sell magic”, when speaking of the dolls there to fulfil clients’ satisfaction. He says clients are mainly straight men in their thirties, though gay men, women and sometimes couples visit the sex doll brothel as well. There are customers who don’t want to make an effort or even talk to a woman. It’s all about fun and stress relief, says Christopher, however some sex workers are concerned. Luis, a male escort, told Bettiza that his business dropped after the sex doll brothel opened in Turin, however Marikah, a dominatrix is in favor of the sex doll brothels, saying it is a “completely different experience”.

Futurologists, such as Dr. Ian Pearson, tell the media they are concerned that people will start falling in love with the sex dolls predicting that by 2050 robot sex will overshadow human love-making. Russian sexologist Lev Shcheglov told Sputnik that all this lovemaking is a “fake imitation” with serious hazards, such as “psychopathic disorders”. Those who disagree say its better to let them play these out on dolls than humans. Watch the video of what it is like inside a sex doll brothel and decide for yourself.

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