S-tabs.com reviews – A fraud, 1-star drugstore

Title: S-tabs.com reviews – A fraud, 1-star drugstore

S-tabs.com is a web drugstore platform that claims to be a certified supplier of FDA-approved medications. The platform also claims to offer you safe and easy buying opportunity, and it provides you a full satisfaction guarantee.

If interested to find out more details about this drugstore platform including its domain info, business profile info, regulatory approval details, and others, then please keep checking this review for all the details.

Domain Info

S-tabs.com is a newly launched drugstore platform that has registered the domain very recently. For example, the pharmacy has registered its domain on 2020-04-07. The domain registrar’s name is mentioned as NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED. The domain will be expired on 2021-04-07.

Apart from the domain registration and expiry date, we have not found any other useful information about this pharmacy and its domain. One thing is pretty clear from here — the pharmacy is running a scam and illegitimate business and that’s why they have purposely hidden the key domain information.

Plus, the drugstore has pretty short domain longevity i.e. the site will expire within one year which is also a clear indication that the pharmacy is operating a dishonest business and it’s a rogue site. The rogue drugstore platform has a common tendency to keep the domain longevity low i.e. for one year.

Business Profile Info

Let’s now validate the business profile information of this online drugstore. Well, scamadviser.com has marked this drugstore to be unsafe and untrustworthy. Please note that the drugstore has obtained a very low trust score i.e. 23%. Such a low trust score clearly implies that the platform is highly risky.

There are some negative aspects of this online drugstore…

i) There is no SSL certificate found.

ii) There are high-risk countries involved in the set-up of this website.

iii) The website is also operating from a high risk country.

iv) The business owner’s information is all hidden.

v) The website speed is slow or average.

Regulatory Approvals

Let’s now find out whether this drugstore platform is approved by CIPA. To validate this, we have visited CIPA.com and found out that this platform has received no CIPA approvals.

In addition to it, we have also used LegitScript.com to find out if the pharmacy has obtained their approval or not. Please note that LegitScript has marked this pharmacy to be a rogue. According to LegitScript, the platform has failed to violate their internet pharmacy verification standards. That’s why it has been marked as a rogue pharmacy platform.

Since the platform has no regulatory approvals and it is running a rogue business, you are always recommended to avoid this drugstore platform and do not purchase their low-quality medications.

Products and Pricing

This drugstore deals with different types of generic medicines. Whether you are looking for allergy and antivirus medicines or Herbals, HIV, or pain relief medications, you will find all types of medicines on this drugstore platform. However, these drugs are not procured from any licensed or authorized drug manufacturers. Rest assured that their quality is poor and unsatisfactory.

If you intake these medicines on a regular basis, it may create negative health impacts. Please do not intake these low-quality drugs despite its affordable pricing. For example, most of these drugs will cost you less than a dollar or so per pill. This low drug pricing clearly indicates that the quality is not up to the mark.

Payment and Shipping Policy

You can pay for an order of this pharmacy site using any major credit cards, such as Diners Club, Discover, E-Checks, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, and Visa. Note, all the orders are dispatched through two shipping methods, such as Trackable Courier Service and Airmail service.

Delivery Timeline

For Trackable Courier Service, an order is typically dispatched and delivered in 5 – 9 days. For Airmail service, the typical delivery timeline is 14 – 21 business days. However, based on the situation, the shipping timeline can be slightly extended.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

This rogue drugstore has put many fake customer reviews on its homepage. Please do not trust these reviews as they are all manipulated. These manipulated and fake testimonials are posted to bring a positive vibe for this pharmacy platform. But, the platform surely doesn’t deserve it.

The Final Verdict of S-tabs.com Reviews

S-tabs.com is not a reliable pharmacy for sure! It’s running a fraudulent business. Please avoid this drugstore site. We have provided it only 1 star.

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