Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino is a beautiful vacation destination in Las Vegas. There are tons of fun activities for kids and adults to do. The hotel isn’t on the Las Vegas strip, but it is a short drive from the strip. However, you don’t need to venture out to the Las Vegas strip when you stay at the hotel. You will find everything you need to have fun in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. The extensive amenities and services in the hotel will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your stay. You can enjoy all the fun activities of your Las Vegas dream vacation in one place.


The hotel was opened on 15th January 1990. It has been serving guests who come to have fun in Las Vegas. The hotel has a rich history that it has accumulated over the last 30 years of operations. The initial response to the hotel was overwhelming, so the Ipanema Tower was added in 1993. In 1997, the Masquerade Village tower was added in 1997. The expansion of the hotel has seen the client base of the hotel grow year after year.

The hotel has undergone significant renovations in 1993, 1997, 2005, and 2007. The signature blue and purple exterior of the hotel has been the theme for years. Over the years, the hotel has hosted some of the best gigs like the World Series of Poker in 2005, and Penn & Teller television projects. The World Series of Poker is always held at the hotel since 2005.

Currently, the hotel is owned by Eric Birnbaum, and Ceasars operates it under a two-year lease. Despite the change in ownership, the Rio All-Suite Hotel aims to please guests and ensure that they have the time of their lives when they are in Las Vegas.


The hotel isn’t located on the Las Vegas strip, but a bit off from the strip. It is 20 minutes walk to the Vegas strip and a 5-minute guide from the hotel. The fact that the hotel isn’t on the strip provides guests with excellent views of Las Vegas both during the day and night. The hotel is located on 3700 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, it is a 10-minutes drive from the McCarran International Airport. The short ride from the airports will ensure that you will be checking into your hotel room a few minutes after clearing from the airport.

The location is suitable for visitors who do not like to be in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. You can stay close to the strip and enjoy some peace just a mile away from the strip. Besides, you can get on a cab and be at the strip in five minutes.


The hotel currently has 2,522 rooms, a mixture of standard rooms, double rooms, and private villas. The overall theme of the suites is Brazilian, which includes bright and fun colors. All rooms are spacious with a living space, bedrooms, mini-fridge, comfortable sofas, and beautiful views. The smallest suite is 600 square feet, while the most extensive suites are 13,000 square feet. The décor in the room is meant for comfort and relaxation. You will have wifi access when you are in your suite anywhere in the hotel.

The hotel’s staff diligently keeps the rooms clean and smelling good. You can stay at the hotel for days, and you will always find your space in perfect condition when you come back. The bathrooms are clean and beautifully decorated. You can treat yourself to a bath every evening before getting into the bed to relax after a long day of fun activities. The top to bottom windows will give you a beautiful view of Las Vegas no matter the room you get when you stay in the hotel.


The hotel has four swimming pools with waterfalls and whirlpools. The multiple swimming pools aim to cater to the vast number of guests who stay in the hotel. You can capture mesmerizing pictures from any of the hotel’s waterfalls and whirlpools. The waterfalls cascade on the faux rocks, creating quite a view for the guest. There is a faux beach complete with sand and palm trees. The beach has an authentic beach ambiance, and you can sit on the lounge chairs while relaxing in the afternoon.

Two pools are kid-friendly to ensure that your little ones are safe while having fun in the water. The swimming pools have all the necessary safety measures to ensure that kids have a safe space. One of the swimming pools has a fun fish design that kids find highly attractive.

There is an adult-only pool that acts as an outdoor club from Thursday to Sunday. The adults-only swimming pool is an excellent place to mingle with other adults and have a good time away from families. The section is a favorite of single visitors looking to have fun. There are snack bars near the pools with pizza and burgers for guests who want to grab something before the next meal. Overall, the hotel’s aquatic complex, commonly known as Voodoo Beach, is an excellent place to spend the afternoon for adults and kids alike.


The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino is the destination for the World Series of Poker since 2005. The hotel has a casino that covers an area of 100,000 square feet. You do not need to leave the hotel to enjoy some gambling activities when in Las Vegas. The casino spreads across the hotel along with the lobby, bars, restaurants, and the elevators. There is a wide selection of casino games for guests who want to try their luck in the casino.

The casino can hold up its own when you compare it with other casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. You can opt for the casino to be your source for your nighttime entertainment. The dark and relaxed ambiance will encourage you to play more games and have fun. There is steady wifi in the casino and an assortment of drinks available.

The proximity of the casino to restaurants and bars makes it convenient for you when you want a break to grab something to eat. You will walk a few feet to the nearest restaurant and get a midnight snack when playing in the casino. The bottom line, you will have a fantastic time in the casino just like you would in any casino on the strip.


There are various entertainment options for individuals who do not like to gamble. You can have dinner in one of the many restaurants that the hotel has. Eleven restaurants offer everything from buffets to world-class dining experiences. Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri’s El Burro Borracho is a restaurant you must try when you visit the Rio All-Suite Hotel.

The Voodoo Steak offers fine-dining, and it has classic steaks that will leave you wanting more. You can enjoy your dinner at the steak house with a view of the strip 50 floors up. It is a beautiful sight. Other restaurants like the Hash House, Starbucks, Burger King, and Whopper Bar provide affordable meals starting from $10. You can enjoy fresh seafood, Indian, Asian, and Vietnamese cuisines at the hotel.

The hotel has four bars that cater to the needs of the guests. There is one nightclub known as the Voodoo Nightclub that is located at the rooftop of the hotel. The adults-only pool turns into a club from Thursday through to Sunday, and there is a DJ to ensure that attendees enjoy fantastic music. You can always catch the Penn and Teller show that is a permanent feature at the hotel. You won’t run out of fun things to do each night when you stay at the hotel.


The starting prices for the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino are reasonable for the standard suits. You can get a room that can accommodate two adults starting from $21 per night during the low season. Keep in mind that the standard rooms at the hotel are 600 square feet. The rooms’ cost can go up to a starting fee of $199 per night during the high season. You can keep checking the hotel’s website to see when they have discounts. Overall, the prices are affordable for a classy hotel in Las Vegas.


A few extras will add to the fun you have when you stay at the hotel. The bonuses are easy to access and get what you want.

  • Chapel

It is common knowledge that Las Vegas is the destination for couples who elope to get married. The “I Love It Loud Wedding Chapel” is popular with couples looking to get married. It has a rock and roll theme, which makes it look glamorous without any decorations. You can always get married and enjoy your honeymoon in one of the pricier suites at the hotel.

  • Voodoo Zip Line

How thrilling do you think it is to zip line across two tall buildings? The Voodoo zip line is an attraction for adrenaline rush lovers who stay at the hotel. The zip line is anchored against two towers of the hotel. All the necessary safety measures are in place to ensure that all guests are protected when zip lining. It is a thrilling experience that you will want to experience more than once.

  • Monster Mini Golf

The Monster Mini Golf course has a theme of the rock band called KISS. The 18-hole golf course is an excellent way to spend your mornings or afternoons when at the hotel. The ambiance on the miniature golf course is relaxing and entertaining at the same time. You can partner up with other guests and compete to see who is the best at playing miniature golf.

KISS Gift Shop and Museum

The KISS gift shop is a convenience that you can use to your advantage when you need gifts for your loved ones after your trip. The KISS shop has gifts that feature the KISS band from their glory days. If you know nothing about the KISS rock and roll band, visit the hotel’s KISS museum. A trip to the museum will help you identify the stuff you can choose from the gift shop.


There are several amenities at the hotel that will make your stay at the hotel hassle-free. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy every minute of your Las Vegas trip. The amenities ensure that you do not have to leave the hotel to get pampered or get a few things done.

  • Parking

The ample parking at the hotel is available for guests and outsiders visiting the hotel. The parking has 24hr surveillance to ensure that your personal or rental car is safe at all times. It is easily accessible, and you can park your vehicle at your convenience during your stay at the hotel.

  • Laundry

You can request the laundry service when you stay at the hotel for an extended period. The laundry room attendants are professionals who are well-versed with the washing requirements of different fabrics. You don’t have to worry about your clothes worth thousands of dollars getting ruined during the laundry process. You will also get your laundry as soon as possible to ensure that you have the right outfit for all your activities.

  • Fitness Center

You do not have to forget about your fitness goals when staying at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Get access to the gym that has a wide selection of exercise equipment. You can opt to train by yourself or get the assistance of a trainer. The fitness center has all the safety features necessary to reduce the chances of being injured on holiday.

  • Spa, Sauna, and Steam Room

What would a holiday be without some pampering? Get a facial, waxing, or massage at the top-rated spa and pamper yourself during the holiday. When you are done with your spa session, you can go to the sauna or steam room and relax. The stress of daily activities can cause your muscles to knot up. A session at the steam or sauna room can help you relax during your holiday.


The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino has all the activities visitors want to engage in when in Las Vegas. The Brazilian theme that runs throughout the hotel will make you feel like you were transported to Rio de Janeiro. Overall, it is an excellent vacation destination for parents and kids. There are family activities that everyone in the family can participate and have fun.

The active nightlife at the hotel ensures that adults do not lack something to do in the evening. You can check out the website to see when the hotel has discounts on their hotel rooms. Alternatively, you can visit the hotel during the low season to enjoy low room charges if you are on a budget.

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