Review of Hyperbolic Stretching

There is no doubt that each one of us aspire to stay fit physically. Mental and emotional fitness levels are also closely integrated with physical fitness. A few decades ago fitness was perhaps mostly considered to be the domain of the menfolk. However, this is not the case anymore and today we have thousands of women who are also quite conscious about their bodies, fitness levels and other such attributes. Women have some unique areas of concern when it comes to keeping fit as far as their bodies are concerned. Most women tend to put on weight and also perhaps become a bit out of shape after child-birth. They do have special challenges when it comes to staying lean and the flexibility of their muscles also get hampered. They also may see the same reduction in their pelvic strength. If the problem is not left unattended, over a period of time, the women could suffer from what is known as prolapse, stiff muscles and also weakening bowel control movements. Hence, it is quite common for them to find out ways and means to address this problem.

Though there are many products and methods that could help women to overcome problems associated with post-childbirth health and figure-related problems, only a few of them may have actually stood the test of time. One such product is Hyperbolic stretching. According to many women who have used this product, they believe that it works quite well. The good thing about this weight management and fitness improvement approach is that it has been designed keeping in mind the exact needs and requirements of women who have to juggle between their homes, careers, take care of their children and other such jobs. Hence, it would be interesting to know more about this product from a woman’s perspective. We will look at the various aspects of Hyperbolic stretching and hope that this review will be useful to women who are looking for the right approach to their problems post childbirth, overweight problems, prolapse and other such things.

Whose Product is this?

This is basically a product from Alex Larsson who is a pelvic and flexibility expert. He has years of experience in coming out with customized and client-specific stretching, workout and other such products. According to many customer reviews Hyperbolic stretching is an amazing product. This is because of many reasons. He has worked hard to come out with a customized training regimen. The main objective of this training program. The main objective of this program is to specifically address the problems of women post-childbirth in a convenient and objective way. There are reasons to believe that this program has the capability of achieving complete and total muscle movement and flexibility. It also can help build strong hip muscles. According to Alex Larsson it has all the ingredients that could help a woman to feel fit as a fiddle. Another big takeaway is that all this can be achieved by spending just 8 minutes a day.

What is this Program All About?

The program Hyperbolic stretching helps in allowing the users to attain full muscle movement and flexibility. As a woman, you just need to spend 8 minutes for a period of four weeks to get the desired results. Further, it also helps in building rock-hard cellulitis as far as the lower body is concerned. Over the years, this program has helped around 75,000 women from different walks of life to achieve an agile and strong body.

This program is based on strong research that has been done on various muscles of the human body. According to these studies the muscles are capable of being stretched up to 130% of its length. This in turn means that with regular practice it is quite possible to undertake hamstring stretches and full splits and therefore going through daily workout routines should be cakewalk. It helps overcome the common problem known as survival muscle reflex of the body. Survival muscle reflex is a technique that muscles adopt when we try and expand the muscle beyond its normal length. Hyperbolic stretching has been designed in such a way that it gradually helps in overcoming the problem of survival muscle reflex.

How has the program been designed?

As mentioned above this is a four week training program. The entire program is available in the form of videos and PDF files. It has stood the test of time and therefore it would not be an exaggeration to point out that it is a completely natural and safe process that helps in triggering required weight loss and also achieve flexible and stronger muscles. The program helps in pinpointing and correcting the common mistakes that many of us make while getting into stretching exercises. It has been designed in such a way that it helps in fat burning and also helps melt away fat from thighs, calves and thighs. Hyperbolic stretching can help in strengthening other muscles in and around the thighs and hips that could be helpful for intimacy between men and women in the bed.


  • It is a product from a stretching expert.
  • It has been designed to specifically meet the needs of women after childbirth.
  • It helps in achieving lean muscles.
  • It comes in an easy to understand videos and PDF files.
  • It may also boost hormone levels and may help avoid use of synthetic hormones
  • It comes with three bonus editions.
  • 60 day refund policy.


  • It is available in an e-format
  • Women with little knowledge of computers and the internet may find it a bit tough to learn.


The Hyperbolic stretching comes with an impressive and customer-friendly price tag of $27.00. As mentioned above it also comes with a 60-day refund policy. Hence you can be reasonably sure that this muscles stretching program does offer reasonably good value for money.


Though there are many muscle stretching and related products in the market, Hyperbolic stretching is much more than a muscle strengthening program or guide. It helps in weight loss, tones up muscles in the lower parts of the body, prevents the problem of failing bladder control amongst a host of other things. It is reasonably priced and the videos and PDF files are clear, concise and easy to understand. It is resulted oriented and by following this regimen 8 minutes a day for four weeks, the desired results will be forthcoming. It is safe with almost zero side effects. On the whole, you can be sure that you will get reasonably good value for money.

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