Red flags to look out for when dating woman

When it comes to relationships we are often advised to look out for what is commonly referred to as “red flags.” What is a red flag? A red flag is a sign of “danger” or that something is generally not right when it comes to a relationship. Red flags appear in nearly every relationship, however, what may be a deal breaker for one may not be a problem for someone else. Learning how to identify red flags in relationships early on can save everyone a lot of trouble and heartache in the long run.

The excitement of a relationship can often cause people to overlook many red flags. Read on to learn how to spot ten of the most common red flags when dating women.

1.) She never initiates

When it come to dating, both parties involved should be acting interested in one another; both parties should be putting in an effort to see and spend time with one another. She should be initiating dates, text messages, and phone calls just as often as you. A lack of initiation could be pointing to a lack of interest in you or a general sign of laziness.

2.) She’s jealous

Jealousy is a major red flag in relationships and is a problem no man wants to deal with. Some jealousy is of course normal, however there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy jealousy. Unhealthy jealousy can present itself in several ways:

•If she is trying to track your movements by reading your text messages, constantly checking up on you, etc.

•If she has a general lack of trust that never seems to be consoled.

•If she questions you and has a hard time believing you.

•If she is trying to control you; who you hang out with, what you do and when you do it.

3.) She’s clingy

Some girls are just naturally affectionate and want to be around their partner as often as possible. This can be a great thing if both parties feel the same way. The problem begins when she can’t seem to live without you; she needs you to help her with all of her problems, she’s just not happy without you. A certain level of independence is necessary in every relationship. She shouldn’t be falling apart when you aren’t always together.

4.) She belittles you

Nobody likes to be belittled, especially not by their significant other. Constructive criticism is a great thing, however, belittling is not a part of any healthy relationship. If she is interested in you, she should be showing you support. If she belittles your friends and family, your interests and passions, or yourself in general, the best thing to do is recognize that red flag and leave.

5.) She lies

Sometimes you just can’t seem to get a straight answer no matter what. Unfortunately, some girls can be masters at lying, which can make it difficult to tell when they are lying or actually telling the truth. Watch out for these signs of lying in relationships:

•Her story changes

•She trys to brush of your questions/conversation.

•She’s lied to you before.

•She’s super secretive.

•She tries to hide her phone and conversations from you.

6.) She’s cheated before

Everyone knows that cheating is a big no no when you are in a committed relationship. More often than not, If she has cheated in a past relationship, she will do it again.

7.) She doesn’t want you to meet her close circle

If a girl dosnt want you to meet her parents, chances are she’s not planning on sticking around. Sure, it is normal to want to wait on introducing your new boyfriend to your friends and family at least until you know if the relationship is headed anywhere. However, she should be excited to introduce you to her parents and show you off to her friends. Alternatively, look out for number eight.

8.) She’s moving too quickly

Not only is it a red flag when she dosnt want you to meet her family, it can also be a red flag if she wants you to meet them to soon. If she becomes pushy about you meeting her family and friends or if she wants to put a label on your relationship too quickly, this is a red flag. It may not be you she is interested in, but she may merely be interested in the idea of a relationship, no matter who with.

9.) She dosnt take an interest in your interests, or she takes too much interest in your interests.

Everybody is different; everybody likes different things and likes to spend their time in different ways. However, when you enter into a relationship you are spending time with a person of different interests than yourself. She dosnt have to like everything you like or want to do everything you want to do. However, she should show an interest in the things you like simply to show that she supports you. This didn’t mean she has to love all of your hobbies, but she should be putting in an effort to try.

Alternatively, watch out for her suddenly taking an interest in everything you like just to get you to like her. Eventually, the fake interest will fade and you will be left wondering why she suddenly dosnt want to do the same things you use to enjoy together.

10.) She talks about her exes

Once a relationship progresses it is normal to discuss your past relationships. However, if she cant stop talking about her exes on your first date, then she may not be quite ready to be starting a new relationship. She should be interested in getting to know you, not reminiscing about old boyfriends.

Though there are many different red flags to look out for, you now know ten of the most common danger signs to look for when dating women. People can change; be that as it may they often don’t. Avoid dating women that show signs of these red flags.

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