Prebuilt vs. Custom Gaming PC

If you decide to get a gaming PC over a console, the next step is deciding whether you’ll go for prebuilt computers or custom gaming PCs i.e., buy a gaming PC that is already built or build one you from scratch.

Prebuilt gaming computers are PCs that are specifically built by well-known gaming PC manufacturers like SkyTech Gaming solely for gaming. They may have specs capable of many other computer applications like streaming and video editing; however, gaming is usually the main application.

Alternatively, you can build a gaming PC yourself. All you need are individual components. You can also have a custom gaming PC built for you by a custom gaming PC building company. In such a case, you’ll just need to select the components and features you want and then let a qualified team build the gaming PC for you and ship it to you.

Prebuilt gaming PC

The most notable advantage of prebuilt computers is convenience. They are a great option for gamers who aren’t really concerned about every single detail of the components that make up their gaming PC. While prebuilt PCs may come with less options in regards to components, you can know overall facts about the most critical PC components like graphics, processor, storage, etc.

Since much control is left to the PC manufacturers, it’s advisable to buy a prebuilt PC from a PC gaming manufacturer you trust because they get to make many component decisions for you.

Custom gaming PC

If you want a truly custom gaming PC that you can upgrade when/if you like and you don’t necessarily want to assemble components yourself, you can order a custom-built gaming PC from a gaming PC manufacturer.

Such PCs are expert built but you get to choose the hardware/components you want. This option is perfect if you have an idea of the gaming PC specs you want. It’s also great for gamers looking to upgrade their PC in the future but aren’t interested in building their own gaming PC from scratch.

Custom gaming PCs are assembled by experts who can make tweaks or offer alternatives if the hardware configurations fail to align with the customer’s needs.

Building a custom gaming PC from scratch

If you have technical know-how, you can build your ideal gaming PC from scratch. This option is great for gamers who want a fully customizable PC. It is the best option for persons interested in taking full control over every component and aspect of a PC gaming build.

A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) PC gaming build offers the most custom options. While there are companies that build custom gaming PC from scratch, there is a limit to the custom options for obvious reasons. If you want thorough customization from the processor to the lighting, tower shape/configuration, etc., you should build your own gaming PC.

However, you must know what you require and have expert technical knowledge to select parts and install them on your own. It helps to understand computers in-depth to be able to select compatible components. You also need to understand other implications ranging from cost to technical support.

Cost implication: Prebuilt vs. Custom

When buying prebuilt computer for gaming, the cost is already given. You just need to pick the PC that matches your budget. When custom building a PC, the cost varies a lot. It’s difficult to tell the total cost until you finish building. It’s, therefore, better to find a spending strategy as opposed to focusing more on the total cost.

You can manage costs by focusing on online discounts. Alternatively, you can start your build by buying something that is closest to what you want and then customizing it. It helps to be flexible. With prebuilt PCs, you may not get precisely what you want in a sale. However, you can get something close and enjoy huge savings.

The cost of custom-built PCs depends largely on the components you select. Components like liquid cooling systems and custom aesthetics like lighting towers will increase the overall cost significantly unless you wish to keep things simple. However, you can focus on discounts and options like future upgrades to keep the costs down.

DIY builds offer the most flexibility. However, you must know what you are looking for or make costly mistakes that erode your cost-saving strategy. You can focus on upgrading an old PC and reusing some components.


You should also consider the assembly process. Prebuilt PCs don’t need any assembly. You just need to buy them and start gaming. Custom-built PCs are also assembled by experts and shipped to customers. The assembly time depends on the manufacturer. Some will take a few weeks, while others can take longer depending on factors like complexity. All in all, you just need to pay and wait to get your PC.

For DIY builds, assembly is solely dependent on you. The time you spend and the final outcome is up to you and your expertise. You can use DIY guides online to build a custom gaming PC at home. However, you’ll need to order and receive all the components first to get started.

Technical support

Once you get your gaming PC ready, you’ll need to think of support. Gaming computers (whether prebuilt or assembled at home) will run into issues. If you decide to build PC from scratch, you should be able to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

The DIY option doesn’t come with system-wide support as is the case with prebuilt and custom PC options. If you buy a faulty component in your DIY build, you’ll have to fix such issues. The importance of buying components with warranties can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

When you purchase a prebuilt gaming PC, the computer comes with a warranty that deals with any eventuality. Custom PC building companies also offer robust support options ranging from warranties to phone assistance and online troubleshooting.

There are other considerations to make if you go the DIY route. For instance, you need to choose software. Prebuilt gaming PCs come with preinstalled operating systems and manufacturer-recommended programs. The same is true for custom builds done by expert gaming PC companies.

You may also need to think of aesthetics. While bespoke PCs tend to have more aesthetic options than prebuilt PCs, this shouldn’t be mistaken to mean prebuilt PCs lack visual appeal. If you are buying your PC from a renowned custom PC building company like SkyTech Gaming, you can’t miss aesthetic options that match your preferences.

While all gaming PC options have their own pros and cons, it recommendable to attempt a DIY gaming computer build only when you know what you are doing. There may be tutorials online that you can use. However, you can waste precious time and resources on a DIY build at home through trial and error. You are better off considering renowned PC gaming companies like SkyTech Gaming that allow gamers to design their own custom PCs featuring the latest components/specs. You can also buy ready-made gaming PCs for all types of gamers (beginner and expert) and forget about technical support, assembly among other problems associated with building your own gaming PC.

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